They may seem to be classic teen roles but Grimes manages to bring them all to life. We meet Devon, a basketball player and honors student who desires to be known as more than a jock. This was the very last thing I wanted to do during summer. This book reminded me a lot of The Brimstone Journals, with the shifting narrative from kid to kid. Customer Reviews Submit your own review.

Visit her online at www. The kids who would usually have bad grades were acing english class because they were enjoying sharing thier pain through poetry. And that all teams put on some type of mask that keeps them from expressing the real them. Oct 26, Jerrod Drye rated it it was amazing Shelves: But there isn’t really a big plot, per se, so there’s not a lot of need for the reader to keep the characters straight.

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bronx masquerade by nikki grimes essay

There was one problem for many kids they were scared of what other people would think of them most of the time because of their race or they thought they would lose their popularity. In this conversation Grimes shows the extent of change people will go to in order to feel like they fit in.

Even worse is Tyrone, our hype-man who follows each of the increasingly worse p Bronx Masquerade sets mzsquerade to teach kids that “poetry can be cool” and doesn’t take the time to focus on anything else, like plot or character development or keeping the reader entertained. Porscha Johnson, needing an outlet for her anger after her mother OD’s.


Bronx Masquerade: an Analysis Essay | Essay

Bronx Masquerade from BookRags. Don’t call me Jump Shot. Grimes gave us a half-assed accumulation of terrible poetry from one-dimensional broxn who are easily interchangeable sue to their bland personalities and absence of character development. Aug 05, Phil Jensen rated it it was ok Shelves: This book is appropriate for the occasion when teachers begin to have their students write poetry.

bronx masquerade by nikki grimes essay

All aspire to attend college and move beyond the teenage angst their face on a daily basis. A mask that lets them put on a front nikmi be someone they really want to be, but on the inside they are a completely different person. Don’t be so quick to judge others, and don’t be so hard on yourself.

It talks about being ur self and other moral values. Tyrone does have a few p I thought this book was uninteresting. Steve the lone Caucasian student would like a career in the theater and just wants to fit in during his school career. This syncadudiobook had a full cast narrating the story. Award-winning author Nikki Grimes captures the voices of eighteen teenagers through the poetry they share and the stories they tell, and exposes what lies beneath the skin, behind the eyes, beyond the masquerade.

Bronx Masquerade

The story starts out with the teacher talking about the Harlem Renaissance in front of the entire class. Quotes from Bronx Masquerade.

bronx masquerade by nikki grimes essay

Ward’s English class of mixed-race high school students. This new tradition motivates Tyrone to apply himself sssay school, and no one performs esl dissertation hypothesis writing site gb on Open Mike Fridays than he does.


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Each teen’s story is told by combining his or her poetry with snippets of narration. With me, it’s not like playing a game, it’s like the only time I’m being for real. Grimes’s style is reminiscent of Mel Glenn’s poetry novels, but by telling these stories in both poetry and narration, the author adds a new twist. Oct 26, Karen Betancourt rated it really liked it. I liked how the author told their life story and showed how they used masqueeade life experience in their poetry.

The theme also had to do with finding masqusrade true identity and holding back showing the world the real you. Eight Week Quiz E. Believe me, I won’t fit. Then and Now What Fizzled: Portraying eighteen students who aspire to lofty goals, Nikki Grimes relates that everyone can attain their dreams if they work hard toward them. Throughout the book there were some central themes and exsay themes really resonated with my students: They all came from different struggles and different lifestyles.

Mar 12, Bill Parsons rated it did not like it. I can’t believe I’m just now doing a review of this book! What story is related through the narrative?

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