Crown that will last forever Corinthians. Sharon Lajer on February 1, at 1: Marie on February 1, at 2: While studying the book of Revelation for the past nine months, I felt that much of the prophecy warned of events that have already been fulfilled— The Kingdom of God established The temple in Jerusalem destroyed Read an eyewitness account here. Now I am online at 7am Saturday morning.. The first and primary reason we are called to submit to authority is to honor God.

As we prayerfully study our lessons, the Holy Spirit leads us to applying it to our lives. How beautiful to know we are one in our faith in Jesus Christ! Sitting on the throne was one who appeared jasper and carnelian and a rainbow and 24 other thrones with elders surrounded the main throne. Marge Farmer on January 31, at 5: Praise be to God our Creator. This year I feel I have grown a lot through the lessons! Pray all the time.

Carolyn Cappo on January 31, at 1: Thank you for daring to change and for making BSF more accessible and relevant than ever. I plan to do what I normally do: So many personal questions too instead of more in-depth scripture study.

Prison is a better place to do actual BSF lessons and depending on the warden, you may be able to take a DVD or go on line for the lecture from one of the Teaching Leaders. See End Notes for full explanation and interpretations. May it NOT be so! Turner on January 31, at 7: Thank you, BSF, for creating the online discussion groups.


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Noemi Graham on February 1, at 5: For the first time in Chinese, I pray, share my testimony, share the Gospel and translate for preacher on pulpit fom Chinese to English. Seven lamps or spirits of God shone before the throne. Not everything has to encourage.

Richard Wilson on February 5, at 4: For God so loved the world, He sent His only Son. I thank God for the new platform of mybsf. BSF has been a game changer for me!

Portia Reimer on February 1, at 2: I love my group, but everyone wants to share so much that we never get to answer all the questions which is a little disappointing.

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You do a tremendous. I have found the notes in revelationd study lacking the previous quality found in scriptural support and includes more intepretation. I was disappointed coming back this year to study PPL1 with one thing……I remember former studies being very challenging and requiring a lot of time to complete.


bsf homework revelations

I pray for success as you continue to design and plan for this. Do His will more. Only those BSF members who attempted to navigate the old website will fully appreciate the simple beauty and intuitive user experience of the new mybsf.

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I am unbelievably blessed to have a godly, anointed, large group speaker who covers the material in gsf, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in my heart. Next, the courage to speak about God to my neighbours and others; how good God is to me!

bsf homework revelations

The disciples freaked out! This brings tears to my eyes. The difference stems from a Greek word: Before him was a throne.

Praise God from whom All blessings flow. I thank God for opening up the door to meet wonderful peoples. Since God is completely in control the authorities over us are there only with the provision of God. How wonderful and what a blessing as we grow in our faith.

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