Ideally, IT would want to understand every angle of the problem to ensure solution will fit into the existing system. Thus, IT Department has staff authority which is present in both vertical and horizontal structure. The organization is highly specialized and characterized by rules, procedures, and a clear hierarchy of authority. Our Company Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! Assignment 3 Dropbox by Tuesday, January 31, She noted that the IT section had some good thoughts for concern schemes affecting IT developments.

However, the individual IT departments would need to be checked upon by corporate routinely and corporate should still have some controls over each department. The terms mechanistic and organic can be used to explain structural responses to strategy and the environment. It does not seem like the organization has clearly defined goals and jobs for each of the departments Daft, Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. The distinctive feature of the project manager position is that the person is not a member of one of the departments being coordinated.

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Skip to content I. As already mentioned, the IT department to which Ayishia belong is a staff department providing specialized support to other departments. Ayishia reported to Marshall with several defeats.

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Equally far as organisation of the IT Department should travel. Maybe the IT department is just having a rough fnb&t with the problems recently, which could possibly be fixed with minor adjustments. The IT staff would also like to identify opportunities for IT developments that can contribute to business strategies but found itself limited to applications work only to which they feel underused.

I would also take into account what troubles the IT department comes into when helping other members of the bank, and whether or not those troubles are due to the information system currently in place.

case study fmb&t

In general, the main thing to do would be to see how the bank runs after Ayishia feels more comfortable with her job and evaluate the company before making a decision. She had expressed that employees from several sections had come to her with jobs she could non understand because they were ill described.


We have received your request for getting a sample. I would besides take into history what troubles the IT section comes into when assisting other members of the bank. Next, since the situation is pretty delicate, I would think that the best course of action for right now would be to try the small adjustments for 6 months or so, and then assess the situation again.

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You can do the statement that the state of affairs will acquire better with clip. With goals of innovation and a rapidly changing environment, however, the organization tends to be much looser, free-flowing, and adaptive, using an organic system.

The criteria set for departmentalization depends on the approaches adopted. Chain of Command — IT Department is a cae department because it provides specialized skills that support the line departments. I would then go on to address the problems with IT staff increasingly feeling fmb&r and allow them to identify ideas and opportunities for csse IT department to ontribute to business strategies. Please choose the access option you need: A Matrix boss is accountable for one side of the matrix while a Top leader oversees the entire matrix.

A task force is a temporary team or committee designed to solve a short-term problem involving several departments. This type of organization typically has a rigid, vertical, centralized structure, with most decisions made at the top.

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The IT Department advises and recommends line departments based on their technical expertise. Functional structure groups employees according to functions, skills, or consumption of resources. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Keeping this definition that Daft gives of internal environment in mind I would go over all the factors especially management and corporate culture when making my decision on what to do.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Example, the planned initiatives of IT to contribute to business strategies can be pushed aside if top management thinks it is not casr at the moment or be delayed awaiting approval; the frontliners in branches would missed opportunities for new products or services they think is relevant to their customers because they are not much empowered to do so. Caee advantages of this option is as follows: Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals.


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Once Marshall has seen what he needs to see. The utilization of these resources are seen in the areas of separation of function, arrangement of authority, and procedures for coordination [1].

case study fmb&t

When there is a project to be launched, the Project Development PD Officer acts as the project manager to coordinate ztudy various department the tasks needed in connection with the project launch. There are several other things that could have been the root of the problems Ayishia described, and now that I am aware of them, I want a trial period to see what exactly she was talking about and how to improve those problems.

The coordination is also strong as team members acknowledges the authority and responsibility of the PD Officer as the project manager. Ayishia Coles is in a very difficult position because the unit managers of other departments are coming to her with problems that they expect to be fixed the same day.

Marshall Pinkard needs to manage this delicate state of affairs carefully. That way, corporate still has some control, but each IT department could meet their individual cwse faster as well.

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