For 46 Megan C. When an ambassador finished his tenure in the republic he took leave of the Venetian government in the sala del collegio. The ideological, military, and commercial expanse between the two states seems insuperable through historical retrospection. Tallandier, , Although the king reassured the republic through Bonsy that French troops would not come into contact with Venetian territories, the senate remained alarmed. Ludovician political interests among Italian states in the late seventeenth century reflected such realities.

Well-acquainted with the institutions of French absolutism through his four years at the court, Foscarini understood Foscarini, Relatione, , Their dispatches evinced a deep knowledge of and affinity for Italian politics. A tertiary incident in Paris recommended the gift. Initially he hypothesized that Venice was engaged in diplomatic and military negotiations with Leopold I and Spain to neutralize the French presence in Italy and the western empire. Dennis Romano, Housecraft and Statecraft:

Exchanges between Estrades and Pomponne revealed that Louis XIV granted the priest permission to take refuge in France should trianguaire believe himself safer there than in Rome.

This was the last mention of income in the volumes of dispatches I read. There are still too many individual and personal acknowledgments to consider.

Dissertation Sur Le Commerce Exterieur

Cotolendi du 12 JanvierFs. Acting as decision makers outside of France, ambassadors became central to policy compelling the monarch and his government to react to their choices with lasting ramifications for French international relations and domestic institutions.

Additionally, the Archives nationales contain the communications of ambassadors and consuls with the secretaries of the marine. Additionally, the outgoing ambassador informed the new envoy of relevant information for negotiation providing – or bequeathing – the names of trusted informants.


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The Spanish king ruled the southern Italian vissertation and Sicily, and cities such as Naples and Messina were key to Spanish commerce and strategy as well as to their Dutch allies. Stanford University Press,89, n.

History of the Floating City Cambridge: Brill, See Baschet, It was the collegio that determined important affairs that should be passed to the senate for votes. Most accounts regrettably mention Bonsy peripherally.

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Humanism and Professions in Renaissance Italy Chicago: On the surface the attack on the French embassy violated the ius gentium, but triangulwire king saw it as an opportunity to increase French authority in Northern Italy dommerce in Rome against that of the Habsburgs and a Hispanophile pope.

Di Biase, Alla ricerca di un nuovo equilibrio, Among the preparations in early were the construction of six galleys and three other vessels in the arsenal and a search for prisoners to man them. Newly printed or as-yet-unpublished political pamphlets, histories, or tracts that demonstrated the prevailing geopolitical mood in Venice or Italy were sent along95 At times Venetian subjects wrote histories of France dedicating them to Louis XIV or the Dauphin.

Bamford noted, correctly, that Seignelay corresponded with la Haye in regarding the purchase of slaves from Venice, but their correspondence, as I argue and as the marine record indicates, became consistent only at the end of dissertationn from onward. Guy Rowlands of the University of Saint Andrews but for whose conversation, direction, and suggestions since the idea and encouragement to pursue this specific topic would never have happened; although it took ten years I only hope to have done it some justice.


A conference of the involved parties ensued in Pisa in February She has appeared on BBC Radio 4.

Retrieved 9 November Why France and Venice? The Johns Hokins University Press, Center of Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Pierre Mortier,passim. He opted ostensibly to negotiate with France to maintain some semblance of his authority and to augment his pitiful finances.

dissertation commerce triangulaire

Relative site of the church and the piazza of San Francesco della Vigna D. Michel Amelot recorded that he paid staff members with the wine and flour that he accessed through the privileges of the franchises. Bonsy and Estrades independently undertook cultural and commercial tasks expanding the scope of foreign relations at the instigation of ministers outside the ministry of foreign affairs like Jean Baptiste Colbert. A very special consideration goes to two partners in crime: Write research paper format mla other essays of dr.

dissertation commerce triangulaire

Consuls theoretically mitigated and facilitated French commercial interests in the city and states belonging to Venice, but during the embassies of Bonsy and Estrades the consul appeared more as a functionary and advisor with access to the knowledge of the formes may have been employed for diplomatic prestige.

Foreign diplomats negotiated with the senate via the collegio, and they only ever appeared in person for official audiences before the collegio.

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