JW Jaion Whittaker Jun 15, Adding a few lines in your speech to encourage laughter will help you and your audience get comfortable. Thank you for giving me a solid foundation in education. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Enjoy na lang sa pagbasa! It can be humorous.

Graduation is also a time to look forward to the future. But are we graduates because we wanted to be ones? Make sure you are speaking to them first and foremost. Conclusion of the valedictorian speech Often on graduation day we look outside for heroes but I see them right here among us. Yazmine Angel Mercurio ay nagsasabing: Let us live a life guided by the lessons they taught us. You can add and change the details to personalize it to your own situation.

Example of a Valedictorian Speech

Yes, our teachers work hard in school and work harder at home. Yes, you can have several big ideas and themes that you use to organize your thoughts. Enjoy na lang sa pagbasa! Can we even thank them enough?

graduation speech tagalog for elementary valedictorian

Billy and Tony, I honor you for making the choice to serve our country and I feel proud to know you. Thank you for the laughters.

graduation speech tagalog for elementary valedictorian

These past four years have presented us with a lot of ups and downs and it is good to know that we had our families in our corner, supporting us along the way.


Use it to inspire you to write your own speech. But wherever we shall go and whatever we shall be, everything we learned in this school will serve as a guiding light in our pursuit of a noble endeavor. This article gave me an idea of how to write a good speech.

Valedictory Address Ko Noong Elementary Graduation Ko | churlaloo

You can make your speech sincere by speaking from the heart, but make sure to keep it under control. Sample Serious Valedictorian Speech. Roy Almira ay nagsasabing: Graduation is also a time to look forward to the future. Thanks for letting us know. HM Hassanah Spesch Jun 6, Bring a copy of your speech. Although I did not have knowledge on what the International Baccalaureate was.

graduation speech tagalog for elementary valedictorian

Principal Stevens, Trustees, Faculty members, family, friends and fellow graduates, today is a day to be thankful and to be inspired. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Marso 16, bandang 6: Yes, we are graduates not only because of our efforts but also because of these people who forget themselves and prioritize our future.

Your message does not have to be philosophical or mundane. Yes, but do not make it the main focus of your speech. In the same way we have supported each other and helped each other succeed in these years at Peterson, I hope we will continue to provide support and encouragement for each other in future endeavors.


Draw from your own experience and the experiences of your classmates. Marso 16, bandang Congratulations Class of !

Multiple Choices

If we as to face another chapter in our young lives, we will have good chances to succeed because we were nurtured, disciplined, guided and prepared by them. I’m also inspired by Bill Thomas and Tony Marcos who are leaving later this week for Marine boot camp. Is it okay to put jokes in a valedictory if I am giving it in a church? Speedh Stevens, Trustees, Faculty members, family, friends and fellow graduates, today is a day to be thankful and to be inspired.

Valedictory Speeches You are the Best: Look for sports championships, awards, charity events, anything that you or your classmates accomplished during your time in high school. Your audience will include teachers, parents, grandparents, and siblings, including your own, so make sure your jokes are appropriate for all.

Learn about how they saw their time in school, and what kinds of memories they will take with them.

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