Fix all memory errors reported by Valgrind. If we have a large number of buckets, and a small number of entries in each bucket, the ratio of dummies per entry will be high. If we were programming e. Note that when we change the list to support generic types, we are going to break the code of the hash table — because it uses the linked list to return all keys. Which of the following might resolve this problem? Iterators An iterator is an important concept that reifies the action of visiting all elements in a structure in some predefined order.

Many programming languages have support for maps, either as a library or built into the language itself. As an unrelated example, consider the below swap functions that takes the addresses of two integers e. We would end up creating lots of them. Let us quickly analyse how this representation fares with respect to the good and bad news from above:. The hash table only owns and thus needs to manage the memory it has allocated itself meaning only the buckets array and all entries. Go left or right? If no such pair exists, then there is no entry for the key 47 in the map.

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Homework readahead scenarios,

Granted, details are still a bit sketchy, but we are only on Assignment 1. The strategy to use a separate function to let the user first check whether something is in the hash table before calling lookup is valid for a limited class of scenarios, where one can reliably expect that all keys are valid.


homework 2.1 readahead scenarios

The life-cycle of test-driven design from Wikipedia. We are going to build a hash table with the above features and more readahezd a number of discrete steps.

homework 2.1 readahead scenarios

This avoids the tying-of-lifetimes-together, but comes with additional problems, including:. You are encouraged to use MongoProc to homewirk test your progress until you are ready to grade the homework.

Finishing This Step 4. Read the section below to understand what the code does. Readaahead to pre heating data. Too many memory leaks will cause memory to fill up, which can make a program slow down or crash. A typical C library is for example string.

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We now have a working basic hash table! By now you should have demonstrated a few achievements, or at least have accumulated enough insights to be able to demonstrate. Summarising lessons from insertion, we had to deal with: Refactoring of Hash Table and Linked List. We are finally about to start implementing the hash table.

The lack of support for deletion is actually rooted in a bigger problem — there is no way to 2. an absence of a value in the array! This design uses more memory. That means the later errors may be addressed by fixing the earlier errors.

Note that if you used errnoyou probably want to clear any error code from lookup rewdahead has key. There are several ways to achieve this, but out of the following chains, which one is best given the requirements specified above?

Homework 2.1 readahead scenarios

This step should give you what you need to do the two eeadahead profiling and optimisation achievements. Spend a few minutes not more thinking about the time complexity, and what order the keys should be in the list according to the specification or more correctly — documentation. Optimising the Hash Table Note that this bit is optional. In steps 6—9, we are going to add: Having familiarised yourself with the SIMPLE programming methodologyand understanding key concepts like dodging and cheating.


Feel free to base it on the initial code above. Over time a MongoDB database can become fragmented and cause reduced storage efficiency. Rather than simply giving you a list of things to do based on the knowledge one has after having implemented similar things, the assignment is going to scenarkos a story line.

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Test-Driven Approach Test-driven development is based on the idea that tests should be written before the code they are testing, and thus serve as a definition of correctness readahezd that code.

Adding an entry for key 47 means adding a key,value pair to a sequence, possibly updating or replacing a previous entry. Intro to replica set sizing. We will be revising these several rfadahead as we go. Let us quickly analyse how this representation fares with respect to the good and bad news from above:. The code below defines four macros, two for creating option values Success and Failure and two more for inspecting option values Successful and Unsuccessful.

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