You may submit the complete citation at any time. For example, exclusion criteria for clinical trials, sample sizes, genomic technologies employed. This is an amazing case study and completely relevant to current treatment. Applications to Patient Care Module s 1, 2, and 3. Table I shows select pharmacogenomic tests that have unique CPT codes available for documentation purposes, as well as a brief description of the test.

This clicker adaptation is based on “Pharmacogenetics: Return to the homepage. Predict how polymorphisms in the gene for TPMT indicate courses of medical care for particular individuals. Student evaluations indicated that relevancy was becoming less of an issue, probably due to course improvements and an increasing number of references to this material in other courses, as well as increasing publications in the professional literature and media coverage of pharmacogenetic issues. It is also important to stay up to date with annual CPT code changes involving pharmacogenomics testing in general. Erik Hefti , Pharm.

pharmacogenomics case study buffalo

Website supported by the University at Buffalo Libraries. Font must be 12 pt. Designed for a large enrollment course in human anatomy and physiology or an upper-level physiology course, the case is useful for teaching the events leading to skeletal muscle contraction and relaxation, sgudy importance of ATP and calcium ions in muscle contraction, and how a mutation in a skeletal muscle protein associated with excitation-contraction coupling can lead to malignant hyperthermia.

Pharnacogenomics response was unexpected, but not unusual for individuals who possess an inherited skeletal muscle disorder leading to a condition called malignant hyperthermia because the symptoms only appear in the presence of certain anesthetics.

Clinical Use of Pharmacogenomic Tests in The principal criticism of the course by students has been the relevancy of the material. Also covered was a brief discussion of the most important genomic technologies involved in drug discovery, drug development, and genotyping, including DNA sequencing, microarrays, and the quantitative polymerase chain reaction QPCR.


The course will continue to be offered as a required course in the third-professional year. Five hundred phadmacogenomics students have taken the course since spring of In the first 4 weeks of pbarmacogenomics course, each of these basic genetic concepts were presented using examples from the pharmaceutical sciences.

Pharmacogenetics: Using Genetics to Treat Disease

However, this was the first year online course pharmacogebomics were utilized in the School and student response rates were low for all courses as students became familiar with the program. Margins must be 1 inch on all sides, top and bottom.

pharmacogenomics case study buffalo

The Human Genome Huffalo Students could evaluate the entire course and each instructor. Insurance coverage policies for personalized medicine. It can be adapted for use without these technologies. Breast Cancer Res Treat.

pharmacogenomics case study buffalo

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. In a survey of 85 colleges and schools of pharmacy in the United States, of the 41 respondents, only 16 schools provided any content on pharmacogenetics or pharmacogenomics to their professional students.

The issues began to be addressed inwhen the AMA acted on requests to assign many of these pharmacogenomic tests unique CPT codes for documentation purposes Pharmacotenomics These pharmacogenetic test packages often need to be documented with multiple CPT codes as each code documents a separate test that is performed as part of the complete package.

Facilitating clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics. Pharmacogenetics examines how genetic variations in an individual correlate with responses to a specific medication in order to develop tailored medical treatments. Genomic services and pharmacogenetic test packages can further complicate the documentation process because a single CPT code is not available, instead multiple codes need to be used. It has been reformatted as a PowerPoint lecture with multiple choice questions clicker questions embedded in the lecture to reinforce important concepts.


Pharmacogenetic tests allow clinicians to better predict the potential efficacy or toxicity of a drug in a particular patient. It is important to note that pharmacogwnomics pharmacogenomic tests are available; however, many have not been assigned a specific CPT code.

A Required Course in Human Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, and Bioinformatics

This “clicker” case presents the true story of a year-old athlete who developed a life threatening reaction to anesthesia during a simple elective surgical procedure. The course was first offered in spring and then every fall semester beginning in A unique feature implemented in the development of this course was the decision to minimize the distribution of prepared class notes by faculty members. Students could submit their evaluations as early as the tenth week of the course, though most did not complete the process until the final weeks.

Since many of the required courses provided written notes either online or in a packet, students understandably came to expect these and expressed their concern when this material was not provided. Through a scenario based on clinical observations, students learn about acute lymphocytic leukemia as well as the wide range of individual responses to the drug used to treat it. Assessment Student course ratings on the pedagogical format of the course and the relevance of course material to professional practice have improved significantly since first implementation in Cleve Clin J Med.

The ultimate goal is to highlight pharmacogenomic testing and its relevance to health information professionals.

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