But none of this compares with my solemn duty today In my study of Terran and Betazoid conjugal rites I have discovered it is traditional to present the happy couple with a gift. I was a slave. How’d you like a trip to Romulus? Find a way in.

Try and put some distance between you and the Scimitar. Thalaron intermix level eighty percent. When your first officer insists that you can’t go on away missions, You shouldn’t have delayed. Picard steers the jeep into a canyon. The Scimitar reappears on the viewscreen. We will no longer bow like slaves before anyone.

The same noble Picard blood pumps through our veins.

star trek nemesis picard wedding speech

What can you be afraid of? We are a race bred for war Flesh melts from bones while the Senators scream in agony. Sir, allow me to go. And the Scorpion’s forward disruptors fire! His Viceroy again has his hand pressed to Shinzon’s chest. But you’re also thinking that the chance of peace is too promising to ignore. Anything you can give me will be appreciated.


A serious, unsmiling cadet at Starfleet Academy. They put me in a seat and asked me speecu. It’s still well on our side. We’re heading toward Federation space at maximum warp. His past as well as his hopes for the future. I am his Viceroy. And like a thousand other commanders on a thousand other battlefields throughout history, I wait for the dawn.

star trek nemesis picard wedding speech

B-9 Fuzzy face is gone. The neural pathways aren’t nearly as sophisticated. I can think trke no greater torment for you. It is very dark.

Star Trek Nemesis and Wine

They are uniquely designed. Data looks at the B-9 with a sort of sadness. And the image on the viewscreen transforms to: So what am I?

star trek nemesis picard wedding speech

It would appear so. Keep at it, Geordi. It is a joyous celebration of these people. In the dilithium mines of Remus.

You heard the lady. With or without the rest of the fleet? Not the Romulans and not your mighty Federation. Zephyr Cochran’s own words.


Star Trek: Nemesis – Wikiquote

He looks at Data. He begins to go — but suddenly stops, a wave of illness overtaking him. They see disruptor fire trying to burn through the door to the shuttlebay — Picard powers up the Scorpion as:

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