These concerns will provide four additional readings of the work from different perspectives and power theories, in order to assess possibility for power shifts through a range of lenses. Newson View all subjects More like this Similar Items. Therefore according to Kershaw, the theoretical background that follows and the resulting framework should ultimately be placed alongside practise. Because of the large scale of the piece, and because I wanted the set to be done well in advance so that the dancers could be integrated into it and use it well, I had to work on it before we actually worked on the movement. You have a singer in Strange Fish, Melanie Pappenheim, who is seen hanging on a crucifix like Christ. The rationale behind the exclusion of my own choreographic creation or performance in response to my research findings, or indeed as part of my research project can be found in Markula The lighting is very basic and era appropriate for the piece but still manages to add to the pace and intensity of the piece.

This would allow for more diverse views on the shifts in power relations in these two pieces. Following on from the speech he then tries to interrupt pairs of lovers, through quick, and static movements, his interruptions, although desperate, panicked and awkward, are at the same time elegant and intricate, but the couples are seemingly drawn back together by a powerful magnetic-like force. Furthermore she notes that as a means of collecting data, oral history methodology is largely used in gender and sex studies. Wendy now instigates a separation of herself and Lauren from the two men, and leaves them to duel. Kennedy explores three methods for the analysis of this newly developed postmodern performance that dissolves boundaries between disciplines, which has many centres of power which avoids a ‘totalizing narrative’. Overt themes Narrative These are flexible and will change over the course of the analysis.


Hanna extends these methodologies to focus on ones appropriate to analysing dance, religion and sexuality. Freud believed that gender difference was crucial to all social organisation and therefore to all power relations Beasley: While stood at the bar, Wendy and Nigel are informing Lauren of the man they had seen in the corridor, and Lauren echo’s Wendy’s gestures that mimic broad shoulder and a tight buttocks. And these assumptions will have importance in the consideration and location of subjectivity.


Creating The Framework For Analysis How do the choice of shots and editing work to depict, connect and change space? The first concern would lie in the selecting and defining of existing theoretical perspectives that would be useful in formulating new frameworks that are pertinent to this investigation.

How does the distance between the performer and the camera provide insight or meaning? Have any dynamics, rhythm and pace been used to depict gender?

The silence of the man : an essay on Lloyd Newson’s Physical Theatre.

Does the gaze make a commodity out of any of the performers? Home About Help Search. She trips over Dale’s legs and he gets up to catch her, they eseay in close proximity as they walk over to the bar. The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied.

There is a lot of animal improvisation, even Melanie on the cross is like a snake, so there is a lot of man’s animal instincts, of man returning back to being an animal.

strange fish dv8 essay

It is possible then to assume that their work is bought by dance festivals and theatres with specialist dance programs, fizh well as TV companies. Q2] COL’s pace shows; metaphors, the feelings of the performers, and contrast to demarcate the stages of the narrative and provide a conclusion.

In The Struggle with the Angel Janet Adshead-Lansdale has attempted a book-length analysis of a single work of physical theater: After which it would be necessary to reframe the analysis using several contextual discipline based approaches.

This frailty is further emphasized by the lighting on her bony ribcage. Does this result in the design of a new semiotic space?

strange fish dv8 essay

I think I am saying just the same things about loneliness, about desire, need, feelings of emptiness that many of us try to disguise or shrange or can’t face or accept. Wigman was concerned with the objectification of women during a performance and the employment of gaze to do this Funkenstein: We were always very much ourselves, what you saw on stage was always exactly who we were.


Interview: Dance & Dancers | Strange Fish | Page | DV8 Physical Theatre

How is this power relationship shown? David Toole really pushes the bounderies of the stereotypes of disability and we see this in duets, or as an extraordinarily mobile trunk supported by his strong arms, Toole is both tragic and fiercely comic, seeming to grow from the torso of another dancer, or inspiring vivid dance sequences that are explored by other men in the cast.

And the openings in the wall, they were there right form the start?

Newson Sex in dance. Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Don’t have an account? The audience would expect the use of religious imagery and symbols, and well as the use of ritualistic behaviour. Does this allow for multiple readings of a sign? We auditioned singers, men and women, black and white, and took the best voice. But the title is also related to the Buddhist saying, with the idea that maybe when we started creating this piece we didn’t have too many expectations — we’d done a lot of preparatory work, and had to let esay of a lot of things — so what came out on th end of our fishing rod was a very strange fish.

In the United Kingdom stdange election of was held in April of that year, and was the fourth consecutive victory for the Conservative Party, following the resignation of Margaret Thatcher in There are three notable gaps between the signifier atrange the signified in COL, which allow for multiple readings.

In contrast there is no explicit homosexual behaviour shown in SF. Strange Fish made use of a greater number essaay performers who depicted non- normative gender roles, however, these appeared to be shown in the binary reversal of roles.

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