Tidora and Tinidora then propose to have Yaya Dub and Alden play a matching game to test their compatibility. The two celebrate their weeksary by exchanging dubsmashes while Lola Nidora attempts to get back inside the limousine. Lola Nidora screams Yaya Dub’s name in frustration. It is also revealed that Nidora had paid Dr. A frantic Lola Nidora continues to look for Yaya Dub but still has no news of her whereabouts.

Anong nangyari kay Misis? Alden tries to escape from his abductors but is cornered. When Alden finally appears without any facial disfigurement, Lola Nidora checks the bottle of acid and is shocked to see that it was just mouthwash. Yaya then tells Alden that she has a surprise for him. After a few glimpses, Alden and Yaya are blindfolded once again. They are cupcakes that Yaya personally has baked and want to share with him. Retrieved 10 February

EAT BULAGA AUGUST 28 PART 2/2 ALDUB KalyeSerye – video dailymotion

Retrieved 1 March Because of Tinidora’s guidance, Nidora gives Alden another chance. Retrieved 15 October Lola Nidora with her entourage arrives; she is so sick now that she is acting in a childish manner.

Retrieved 20 June Lola Nidora augsut gives Alden his second point. Lola Nidora, on the other hand, is not amused. Indonesia International Eat Na Ta! Retrieved 18 October Nidora reveals her second surprise: Duh arrives and congratulates Frankie before seeking out Alden, who does not want to face her, so she decides to go to him.


Eat Bulaga #ALDUB Kalyeserye August 28, 2015 [2/4]

Nidora reminds Yaya to appreciate the things that are given to her, so Yaya accepts and thanks Tinidora for the gift. Meanwhile, the mystery caller is revealed to be DuhRizz nicknamed Duhand she says she is very concerned for Lola Nidora.

Retrieved 30 August Later, Lola Nidora discloses that she has three requests from Alden: Dora then proceeds to give them medicine for Jose’s pockmarked face, Alden’s bruises, and Lola Nidora’s anger. Lipat Bahay – Facebook”. Jose then reveals that Tinidora is the name of Nidora and Tidora’s sister.

Lola Nidora thinks that Yaya Dub is possessed by the spirits in Lola’s house, but Yaya Dub is just over-excited over finding the ring.


Lola Nidora then reveals that she has a favour to ask from the EB hosts. Also Dodong shows the picture of him and his second wife to his daughter, much to her dismay.

Later, Alden gives her a third surprise: Lola Tidora announces that she has come to reveal a secret. The Engagement – Facebook”. The appearance of other characters like the luxurious Frankie Arenolli and the socialite DuhRizz make things even more complicated for the amorous pair.


Meanwhile, the Sisters argue if they should let Yaya Dub know about her real mother.

eat bulaga problem solving august 28 2015

A depressed Lola Nidora arrives without Yaya Dub. To cook or not to cook? The Lolas try to chase after Yaya Dub, but they are too late so they decide to head off to the studio.

eat bulaga problem solving august 28 2015

Peoblem Yaya leaves, Nidora notices that Yaya has left the drum sticks that she will be using for her performance. Alden appears and seems to be dating someone else, which then angers Yaya Dub.

Yaya Dub and Alden have a tiff in this episode.

She rethinks her decision but when she sees the couple being happy and excited, she relents. Tinidora is ecstatic to see Yaya again, reminiscing the happy times when she was little, but is upset at the way Yaya converse using Dubsmash.

The Broadway commentators and Tidora are still curious about the eolving voice they heard yesterday.

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