I just like to leave them, not to disturb them in any way. Visit the Icelandic coast and you will see hundreds, bobbing gregariously in the sea. It was a working slaughterhouse: Dreams of the sea. A few drinks for himself, a few for the bartender, and then he made it known he was looking for a good time. As perfect an image as any for a city busy making itself unrecognisable, again.

Simon Schama March 23, She ventured a bagel. A former naval officer, Sveinsson has devoted his life to eiderdown. It is then stuffed into pillows, duvets and clothing sold in Japan, China, Germany and Russia. I meet a year-old boy, whose family has inhabited a farm on the island since the 19th century. Listen to this article Play audio for this article Pause

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From this down she builds a nest for her eggs; her own bare skin, freshly revealed, covers them with warmth. Opinion Show fft Opinion links.

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While a windfall in English evokes falling fruit, its Icelandic translation is a stranded sea mammal, a gift of free meat. When I return from Iceland, I ask my wife to close her eyes and put her hands out.

These possibilities seem remote in Edierdown, where eiders have been respected for centuries. I know William Buckman lived there when he was drafted into the army in The scene described by the pastor has been a common sight in Iceland for centuries.


The entry just managed to hold two stacks of cages, eight feet by six, each about five rt tall.

Choose your FT trial. True, we could have left early. It has proved difficult to replicate a tradition which is so rooted eidfrdown Icelandic history that it ceases to inspire any wonder among its practitioners. Nothing that happened on our honeymoon made divorce inevitable, but the causes were there, dormant, the same way the Soho grid is there in the plan of Bayard farm.

We had an hour to wander the early Sunday streets of lower Manhattan.

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It is considering plans to lay a submarine cable between Iceland and Scotland that would provide electricity for European homes. We got married in the dead of a Chicago winterand nearly all our guests were sick.

eiderdown essay ft

Close Financial Times International Edition. World Show more World links. Holding a clump of eiderdown in my hand, one Icelander tells me something that seems to offer an alternative to this unsettling relationship between humans and birds.

eiderdown essay ft

To say it was a New York hotel room is probably sufficient. So we made a few excursions. Environmentalists, economists and ornithologists have all fallen in love with Icelandic harvesting.

It is worth digressing into the trial transcript for the way it brings the neighbourhood flickering to life.


After incubation, the eggs hatch, the mothers waddle back to the sea with their offspring, and the pastor gathers their down, eideerdown protection fee. Like illness, like travel, history is an exercise in disorientation. The judges will be looking for a dynamic, authoritative and lively essay of no more than 3, words in English.

Be a global citizen.

Get a fresh start. National and regional chains in multistorey incarnations on the corners. According to trade bodies, most feathers are a byproduct of the meat industry.

Dreams of the sea. Intermediaries, such as Japanese and European wholesalers, buy in bulk after it has been processed. Phoenix Poultry endures in local memory mostly as a smell. Memories of being laid low in a Manhattan hotel by a honeymoon virus prompt a journey into the more distant past.

On the turf slopes of eidercown roof we could see Ducks, and a Duck sat on the door-scraper. Please click here to enter your essay for the prize. My life is no different.

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