Sharda University Apply Now. This facility is not designed for smartphones but rather any mobile phone. Most importantly it aims to cover people from the rural areas as well as the unorganised sector of the urban and semi-urban areas. Priyanka Kumari Jan To analyse further, it would be interesting to understand the basics of and need for financial inclusion. Your time is important. So, why is it necessary that the country like ours should pursue financial inclusion?

This account opening and money saving scheme was launched as a national challenge to bring each and every Indian citizen to the bank and connect to its benefits. When each and every Indian people have their own bank account they can better understand the importance of money saving. Therefore, the reach of ATMs needs to be expanded, probably by having an arrangement with 1. This is a major step taken by government to provide the essential financial services to the poor citizen and attach them to the main stream of development. Lovely Professional University Apply Now. Traditionally, in India, individuals with any disability are generally considered invisible and therefore policy making ignores such differently-abled persons. The household access to financial services includes access to contingency planning and credit.

Above table indicates that public sector banks are playing their role in making the scheme a success with approx. Jun 26, The problems with hand-held devices continue to deter financial inclusion. Always draft a rough sketch of the points you wish to write so that you make a proper sequence and do not miss out on any important information.

In a welfare-oriented society like ours, it is very important that the government and institutions play an important role in providing for the disabled and sharing the responsibility of facilitating the life of a differently-abled citizen. Monica Nagnyal Jul 6. The scheme is run by the department of financial services, Ministry of finance, and on the inauguration day, about 1.


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The scheme has seen mpjdy enthusiasm among customers from both rural and urban areas. Sunny Roy Nov Technological innovations like integrated machines that have the functionality of cash withdrawals and deposits; facility of scanning documents to facilitate new account opening and loan disbursals; voice commands and narration for all available facilities and a multi-language format could help increase banking penetration.

There is significant difference in socio-economic background of people living in India and therefore there is a need for flexibility in financial schemes designed for different segments of unbanked population. Chandigarh University Apply Now. Most importantly, it aims to cover people from the rural areas as well as the unorganised sector pmjxy the urban and semi-urban areas.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Essay for Students

Account holders can avail a chequebook from their bank if they require. This is a major step taken by government to provide the essential financial services to the poor citizen and attach them essy the main stream of development. Finally, the fast growing Indian economy can only ensure the growth process to be equitable and sustainable if different sections of the society, especially the vulnerable and poor, are included in the growth process. Firstly, it gave a bank accounts to the backward people to whom banks were inaccessible.

Namrata Gupta Jan 5. The scheme is a social policy aimed at providing banking facilities to even those who do not have the money to pay for the minimum account balance at the time of account opening.


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People turned out in large number towards the step of financial freedom and there was an overwhelming response by the Indian citizens. During the week i. Raw Material Delivery Failure Essay. Balanced scorecard as a management tool Essay.

essay on pmjdy

Thus all the people who opened their accounts can get maximum benefits from banks. Mobile Banking is not a new innovation anymore.

Let your kids to know something about this scheme and participate in the essay writing competitions in the school or outside the school using such simply and easily written essay on Jan Dhan Yojana. Important things to keep in mind: Stay tuned for more samples. As of 19 th Aprilover 28 crore bank accounts were opened and almost?

Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY): India’s National Mission for Financial Inclusion

Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi into his first Independence Day speech of the newly elected government in May announced what created a buzz among all the people of democratic India.

You can select any Jan Dhan Yojana essay given below:. Once you become an account holder, you will get Rs 1 lakh insurance immediately without filling any separate form. This essay has been submitted by a student. Lovely Professional University Apply Now. On the day of Inauguration Mr.

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