How fat is the top tail of the wealth distribution? Good governance and security: Elites, interest groups and ordinary citizens. In the absence of a shift towards increased democracy and wealth distribution in Western nations, an alternative to directing others down a path that those directing choose not to take themselves, I suggest that international aid allocations should instead demonstrate those ideals. Drawing on micro and macro influences on governance, I have focussed on engendering self- determination at both ends of the aid continuum, from delivery and implementation to international policy and institution building. Imagine communities, empowered by financial security, stepping up and having their voices heard, pushing a democracy agenda and creating momentum around what matters to them.

Journal of Contemporary Asia. Many argue that giving money is building dependence and yet the evidence has shown that this is not the case Jackson This provides a sharp contrast against the manner in which many donors enter into traditional ODA relationships. Kim states that a greater emphasis by governments on welfare programmes is required to generate greater productivity and growth that is more inclusive. And the services that arise through internal demand could then be serviced and resourced from within that community. The quest of Dr. Private aid organisations should also ensure their aid allocations are based around this fundamental principle of solid and enduring development.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. A focus on economic development through financial openness, as highlighted in the previous section, is not only less effective in producing growth, it is also ineffective in addressing poverty.

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That imperative is that they must commit to, and live by, the philosophy that the purpose of their existence is to ultimately become obsolete; at least in their current function. Why misguided western meddling can sour good ideas. Theories of change in international development: The problem is that these programs more often than not are operating from the micro end of the aid spectrum, and as such, the impact is slow and uncompetitive, or directly conflicts, with the more imperialistic efforts at the macro end.


Another related effect of political influence is where international aid flows are determined not by the greatest need but by the best interests of donor nations. An issue of external influence. People and Places in in the Global Economy, 2 3pp.

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Essays in Honour of Sanjaya Lall. Aid allocations determined within this structure must comply with a clear and unambiguous framework that is built around the sole purpose of solid and enduring development.

Perspectives and best practice must horkzons sought out but on an egalitarian basis where no one entity has disproportionate influence. Removing Neo-colonialism from Macro Development Interventions Emerging from a focus on externally imposed good governance, macro development interventions, such as institution building and political influence, are commonly neo-colonial in nature.

International development, security, and human rights: Sometimes dropping food out of planes is the only option, and sometimes engaging in meaningful dialogue with tyrannical governments is futile. This essay highlights two key areas for reform that could be powerful catalysts in driving this shift in focus towards long term transformation, beyond economic and social instability and dependence.

Values, welfare and work: An example of a successful state-building mission or not?

gdn next horizons essay contest 2013 winners

Building inclusion through the reduction of income inequality delivers a wealth of benefits; not only does it increase productivity and make growth more inclusive BBCit also engenders self-determination and ultimately better Imagine communities, governance from within. Communication, learning, or accountability? To progress international development beyond the goal of poverty alleviation towards enduring development and economic and social stability, the aid paradigm needs to shift its focus to self-determination, autonomy and political and economic inclusion.


The Center for Public Integrity. Humility and openness to alternative perspectives Humility and openness to is perhaps the most important offering that an aid alternative perspectives is agency has the power to give. Progress, prospects and problems. Development Outreach World Bank Institute.

Delineating Aid and Investment Investment and aid should be clearly delineated. Testing theories of American politics: Aside from its negative impact on economic growth, the devastating effect of inequality on political and cultural stability and state security has also been documented Williams ; Bauman ; Stewart Through the mobilisation of resources, as a result of emerging financial security, and with capacity building support as necessary from NGOs, structures and services that historically have been provided by NGOs can now be developed by communities, governments and internally driven and resourced agencies.

Furthermore, a comparison of survey results shows that safety in communities declined markedly between and Long term development outcomes must come to the fore on the priority list and innovative ways of incentivising this focus must be developed.

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If priorities are skewed by political terms or efforts to win over particular sections of the population to ensure re-election, the essag objective of aid is diminished. Many participants in the recent Asian World Humanitarian Summit PHAP agreed on the need to increasingly bring effected people to the table around macro and micro development discussions.

Journal of International and Global Studies, 3 2pp.

gdn next horizons essay contest 2013 winners

Live online event on the outcomes from the North and Southeast Asia regional consultation 14 August

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