C The nurse discusses postoperative pain management with Ms. Book covers, title and author names appear for reference only. C Review the client’s serum electrolyte values. B Elevate the leg on a pillow. A Frequent activity will distract the client from her concerns. Jackson is discharged from the PACU to the acute care unit two hours later.

How should the nurse respond? A No problems with dressing on left hip. INCORRECT Review of medication side effects is always a valuable intervention, but since the client has been receiving an established daily dose for over a year, this is not the most important intervention preoperatively. C When the nurse begins teaching about the benefits of early mobilization following surgery, Ms. C Culture and sensitivity. Jackson’s medical record and notes that the surgical consent form is filled out but is not signed by the client. D “You need to focus on your own needs now and not on past memories.

Additionally, this action may be false reassurance.

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Once the first unit of packed red blood cells is ready, the nurse obtains the blood from the blood bank. For a complete list of videos, visit our video library. CORRECT Increasing mobility should result in increased independence and an improved sense of control, which will reduce the client’s feelings of peruoperative.


B Blood Transfusion The nurse notifies the surgeon of the wound drainage. The operative report indicates that Ms. A Position the client on her side.

Ready to ask a question on Biology Forums? A Prior to removing the dressing on the client’s hip.

Jackson is prepared for surgery, and states she feels xare and states, “I am ready to get it over with. B Maintaining a safe environment reduces client depression. A The nurse reviews the medications taken by Ms.

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How should the nurse respond? Dull or absent breath sounds, along with changes in breathing patterns, are expected findings when atelectasis perioprrative. Jackson’s plan of care? Earliest form of contraception Ready to ask a question on Biology Forums?

Jackson off the stretcher and onto the OR table. C “Do you understand you will be admitted to the hospital following surgery? Jackson had a left hip replacement under general anesthesia. Jackson if she has received sufficient information to sign the consent form. B The nurse teaches Ms. B Call the operating room and notify the staff that the surgery needs to be cancelled. A Observe the appearance of the client’s oral mucosa. Jackson shares her experiences related to her father’s death with the nurse and expresses perjoperative for the nurse’s caring attitude.


Jackson about what to expect the day of surgery and during the immediate postoperative period. What is the rationale for the inclusion of these actions in Ms. D “You need to focus on your own needs now and not on past memories. Jackson and explains the use of a patient-controlled analgesia PCA ansswers. The surgeon plans heai evaluate Ms.

hesi case study perioperative care answers

B Offer reassurance about the surgery. Jackson has not demonstrated the procedure correctly. Jackson during the admission interview? The left hip dressing has a moderate amount of sanguineous drainage.

hesi case study perioperative care answers

A Apply pressure to the site. INCORRECT This diagnosis is related to insufficient blood supply to the tissues, which may occur during surgery if, for example, a tourniquet is left in place too long.

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