Sorry, here is the question that is being asked! Leadership Criteria We want you to pursue your personal interests and we value each area of leadership equally, from student government, to athletics, to music, to community events, just to name a few. Select three activities that you feel demonstrate your leadership abilities best. In grade 9, I was one of only 6 people my age selected to model, a small percentage out of 60 additional models comprised of students from older grades. Regardless of how amazing your extracurricular activities are, grammar mistakes or poor spelling can have a seriously negative impact on your report. For now, I have a feeling that the essay is offering too much information in terms of your leadership discussion.

And should I expand beyond to discuss its impact and what it meant for me? In order to highlight your leadership skills and development, we will need to pick the best story among those you have presented here and then make sure that it is accurately supported in the overall essay. I was a chancellor nominee. Enroll at Western or one of the Affiliated University Colleges for Years 1 and 2 with a full course load 5. Leadership Criteria We want you to pursue your personal interests and we value each area of leadership equally, from student government, to athletics, to music, to community events, just to name a few. The award is given to one new instructor who demonstrates a passion for learning, leadership, and breadth of ability.

I take my students through a curriculum designed to improve their skiing ability, build their confidence, create a supportive and fun learning environment, effectively communicate their successes and areas for improvement and assess their proficiency level at the end of the course.

It doesn’t fit in with essqy prompt requirements.

ivey aeo essay example

The student activity council is responsible for organizing the social and charitable events at my school. My experience coaching and leading a variety of different people has been incredibly helpful, and has prepared me for the examplee group-work that both Ivey and the business world demands. As a result of my dedication, we have successfully increased our advertising revenues every year and have begun to pay down the yearbook funding deficit previously accumulated by those before us.


Ask your reference for permission before including them as a contact for your activity. Based upon the prompt requirements, I will be able to tell you which leadership activity to keep and further develop.

Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO) | Ivey HBA Program

Focus on one that you want to talk about and avoid grouping multiple activities in one description. The award is given to one new instructor who demonstrates a passion for learning, leadership, exam;le breadth of ability.

ivey aeo essay example

This last point is essential in explaining to the reader how you were affected by the experience you were talking about and how you went on to change based on this experience. In addition, some students will overextend themselves with their courses and hence do not perform academically as well as they could have if they had enrolled in a more balanced course load.

When writing your applications, it is important to be genuine and personable. Skip to Main Content.

Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO)

How do you essaj this? Firstly, I must emphasize that this does not mean that you should write about what you think the reader wants to hear, but, instead, write about what you are passionate about and through this you can develop a reader to writer connection which is extremely important.

After graduating, ivet joined Accenture and is currently a Manager in Accenture Digital. One of the largest events hosted by the council is the semi-formal dinner and essay. My leadership and commitment over the past fssay years on the yearbook has taught me how to manage larger groups of people to maximize their performance, work collaboratively with my co-editor, generate innovative ideas, manage sales and a budget and negotiate with the business community.

One of the most import aspects from my application that I remember I did well in was time management. However, Ivey only extends offers of Ivey AEO status to students who have received an offer of admission from Western. I also lead my team to coordinate with the appropriate teachers and students involved in school activities to source pictures and other information for the yearbook pages. Choose any academic program or module at Western for your first two years of university study.


When I wrote my applications, I found it helpful to follow a flow starting with talking about the subject exsay I would be discussing.

The report ivry a way that the Admissions Committee can give you feedback on your progress so far in university, and allows you to evaluate your activities so you can make necessary changes in aeoo second year. Below are examples of the Ivey HBA essay questions. Grades for AEO applications are reviewed at a few different points, grade 11, first term and mid-year. You should receive a confirmation message as soon as you submit your Ibey AEO application online.

The Ivey HBA Program Office hosts several events during your first two years of university so that you have the benefit of being familiar with the school before entering in third year.

Your activities are assessed on five dimensions: Remember you are “selling yourself” so dont hesitate to really stand out.

Write about something that is relatable and the reader can connect with. I wrote and implemented the idea of playing music of all announcements for the event, which increased the engagement of the student body and comparatively, increased the sales of tickets.

I have been given 5. It is important to be authentic and speak from your heart here as it is a discussion which is very personal and can be very meaningful as well as impactful. They will also include the required prerequisites for your program as specified by Western. For Ontario students, they will calculate your admission average using your 6 highest courses including English.

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