As the author comes to realize that Sonny is in need of his help, he puts aside his differences and accepts Sonny as his brother and learns to appricaite his music. He feels that pain, therefore there isnt this barrior between the two brothers anymore. The bad drug, however, is heroin, a common substance used among Harlem residents during this time period. Everyone suffers and this is just one story of how and why suffering happens. From the beginning of the book you can see this. Sonny also uses his music as a way to get through his struggles with his brother.

It means that everyone in the history of the world has lived a life full of suffering and happiness. All along, Sonny has been looking to reconcile with any and everyone for his errors and be accepted once again because he knows that he cannot repair his life by himself. I have finished my own answer to this prompt, albeit without having proofed it yet. Sonny and the narrator have had a strained relationship because of Sonny’s addiction, “I haven’t seen Sonny in over a year It appears again in the strained conversation between them after Sonny reveals to the narrator that he wants to play jazz.

In numerous instances, he describes the poverty and crime that are rampant in the community.

Together in the bar, they sonnyz as brothers. At the end, Sonny even invites his brother to a jazz performance that he is performing in later in the night.

James Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues Essay

And now they back with there mother and have a pretty good relation ship with each other. The story leaves the readers with the impression that both brothers may finally find peace with each other. He is trying to baldin himself of the pain that boils inside of him, but ultimately brings more upon himself and his family.


Because his Uncle was also going through just as he did. Sonny used Jazz as his accomplishment high, a good high. Sometimes they are so overwhelming that he looks to drugs as a way to get that little high. He knows blue Sonny is a cause of some of his suffering so he exiles him from his life. This aspect includes emotions felt and the thoughts that cross our very mind.

As you were assigned in class, interpret the below passage and relate it to a theme of the story, “Sonny’s Blues. Bsldwin begins of course with the narrator writing about the death of his daughter, but eventually leads to a bonding of the brothers that had been missing for quite a while.

Through all of his suffering due to his poor decision-making, Sonny still knows that he can still achieve what he strives for knowing that in doing so he has his music and his sknnys to guide him through.

If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Music was his true thesiss. He orders Sonny a scotch and Sonny flashes him a smile when it is placed onto his piano.

james baldwin sonnys blues thesis

Tuesday, September 23, Interpreting “Sonny’s Blues”. Both the narrator of the story and Sonny himself have stories of suffering that they must pass on. Sonny deals with a drug issue and his brother deals with loosing sonny to his addiction. He is getting the emotions and sorrow out of his system by putting pen to paper. While in jail, Sonny writes a letter to his brother telling him that he has realized that the choices he has made in the past have in no way helped him and have only made his life worse.

Sonny’s father was unforgiving after the accident of his brother.

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“One Writer’s Beginnings”: Writing the Essay: Interpreting “Sonny’s Blues”

We do it to show others that they are not alone, that as human beings we all face grief, sorrow, happiness, and every other human emotion at some point in our lives.

We the readers never know what path Sonny chooses, to continue on the journey to a better life or back to his old ways, using baldain and making other life-changing decisions for the worse.

He wants to be a famous jazz pianist, but his brother looks down on this and calls it immature thinking. The reason to why he uses the heroin is to get away from his everyday struggles that he cannot overcome.

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This includes music and writing. Throughtout the story, Sonny has two ways to rid his suffering. In his realization of his own faults and mishaps, and the importance of his family and music, Sonny becomes more mature while imprisoned.

But Sonny had played the piano alot, and he became a very skilled. Everybody can get something out of this story. This conflict,however, has happened before the situation in the introduction of the story but is mentioned further in the story.

It brings them together and the start their journey to overcome their struggles together. The narrator tries desperately to help Sonny cope with his suffering. With the authors loss of his daughter comes sonns accept Sonny for who he is and not because of what he is involved in.

james baldwin sonnys blues thesis

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