You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. From the scooter motors, line-to-line and assumed line-to-neutral. RPM and input voltage and current were also recorded. In addition additional leakage flux is associated with end turns and harmonic slot leakage, but there is no disadvantage to grouping them together. Actually I wanted to. Shane, Thank you for sharing the information.

I guess at heart I am more interested in motor control than in motors themselves, but as I can see now you can’t understand one without the other! And not like my hand drawn pictures. That would explain why the second motor does not self heat as much as the first one Shane Colton December 7, at 3: I had not seen that thesis, but I have seen most of the terms. For demonstration purposes, this could be done by physically rotating the position sensor on the motor. To some extent, I knew this already.

The left-most case is field-oriented torque control. Now here are two cases where the relative phase of voltage can be controlled advanced. Thus, once the iron is introduced, it will determine the field shape, and the shape of the iron will dominate, and the coils themselves will cease to have significant effect on the magnetic flux as well as the magnetic forces.

james mevey thesis

Download Now With over years of production history, the automotive industry has been at the forefront of manufacturing technology since its inception. Three phase induction motors were well suited to do this by using the existing three phase induction stator and jamez the squirrel cage rotor with a permanent magnet rotor an commutate the stator winding by having shaft position feedback to sequence the phases.


Would you like to see a form of jamws here?

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But this thesis makes it very clear that the only functional difference is the shape of the waveforms both the back EMF and the drive waveform. This is always true. Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate.

james mevey thesis

No motion is required for torque generation. Does anyone knows of a better block diagram than this one, that lists how all this fits together?

Shane Colton: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Brushless Motors

Metal additive manufacturing is revolutionizing how parts are designed and produced, offering solutions that were impossible just a few years ago. I keep thinking about what you wrote about the bEMF that can be higher than the applied voltage with field weakening The controller’s job is to kevey the currents to maximize the torque inducing forces.

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The 6 FET bridge is between the three phase windings and a bank of caps which supply the adjustable voltage. Thanks for the info.

The power conservation through back EMF works the same way. But speaking engineeringly if it contains the word “turn” then it’s a winding and not a “connection”. Here’s the link again. Obviously for control, it would instead be done by adding some phase offset in software. It explains it better than I can in words.

But the biggest issues I see in the field come from using one type of motor when the other should be used or using an inappropriate commutation algorithm for the motor design. I agree most simple explanations ignore inductance, jamws is a mistake for BLDC motors.


Article on Brushless Motor Terminology Brad: VInce August 30, at 1: These have all the nice scale and readability of computer-generated graphics, but with the friendly this-isn’t-as-complicated-as-it-sounds style of whiteboard sketches. Article on Brushless Motor Terminology Nice article.

Shane Colton August 7, at Tom May 26, at 9: Article on Brushless Motor Terminology Oh, so that’s why they call is a brushless dc motor.

thseis It seems clear that every one tries to apply the principles and formula from that wire loop brushed text book motor — where the coil is the rotor jmaes the magnets are stationary — to brushless motors where the coils are fixed and the magnets rotate — even the guys writing books!

DTC operates tuesis the stator frame of reference, using phase voltage and current to estimate torque and flux directly without any transformations into the rotating frame, and select voltage vectors to increase or decrease the torque and flux as needed. And even more cool, I see that it’s all part of the same, simple model. I will still question what they say as that end turn creates magnetic field and it does get into the core.

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