Sapagkat kahit na ang tatlong lalaking ito ay lumahok sa pulitika nang matagal na panahon, bawa’t isa sa kanila ay may paninindigan, at ipinaglaban nila ang kanilang paninindigan kahit ito ay hindi popular, kahit na alam nila na ito ay hindi makakuha ng maraming boto. Buy the leaders of your opponents, otherwise, they will buy your leaders. Mohamed Suffian Mohamed Hashim B. This is now pending appeal in the Supreme Court, after their Motion for Reconsideration had been finally denied by the Sandiganbayan on November 13, after the lapse of three long years. But all that is another story which can only happen here. Recto ba ay isang trapo? Far be it from me to underrate the importance of skills and talents.

The Facts and the Law on the Marcos Wealth. Presidents of the Senate of the Philippines. Government cannot function at all if the people no longer believe the statements of their high public officials. If you did not have enough money, why did you run? With the election of Cornelio Villareal LP, Capiz as Speaker of the House, Salonga was appointed to the chairmanship of the prestigious Committee on Good Government and led the committee in conducting inquires in aid of legislation relentlessly about the prevailing graft and corruption in the government and recommended filing of charges against some government officials and employees. For the youth is a witness of many glaring contradictions. This page was last edited on 7 April , at

I was invited by my UP classmate, Dr. In Octoberfollowing the bombing of the Philippine International Convention Center, Marcos sa,onga ordered Salonga’s arrest; this time he was detained at Fort Bonifacio without any formal charges and investigation.

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When I say “educated man,” I do not refer to the individual who has read a thousand books and magazines, however important reading may be to the life of aslonga mind. The journey has just begun and the thrill of wonder and adventure will never end.

Marahil iyan ang dahilan kung bakit nasusuklam ang ating mga kabataan sa mga trapo, kahit na hindi malinaw ang kahulugan ng salitang “traditional politician. Service to others, not power nor prestige, is the key to true greatness.


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My realization about the message of President Manuel L. As it was when we fell under American rule more than 90 years ago, Esxay society today is one in which wealth, power and prestige are concentrated in the hands of a few. If not for him salongq will probably be hungry through the night. This piece have changed my point of view in life and have showed me what a true educated man is.

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In the particular case of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. He was honored with the Ambrose Gherini Prize for writing the best paper in international law.

Worry, doubt, self-distrust, fear and despair — these are the long, long wires that bow the head and turn the growing spirit back to dust. He taught courses at eminent Filipino universities, wrote many books, and continued to give speeches calling for moral advancement, social justice, and economic development.

If the cynical manipulators of the electoral process, in the employ of some unprincipled candidates, give each of them one hundred pesos apiece, with the request to just remember their benefactor, these marginalized people will probably say- ” Salamat po. You in Silliman cannot do that, even if you wanted to. Acknowledgement page for research paper I didnt do my research paper format factory can personal statement essay for medical school i do format factory didnt paper research my prioress does not.

Buy the leaders of your opponents, otherwise, they will buy your leaders.

jovito salonga essay

Retrieved from ” https: Basing on our drawing above, we included the elements which are the nipa hut, garden, birds, mountains, banana trees, and the sun and clouds. At ang aking kaibigan at kliyenteng si Ninoy Aquino- bakit siya ay dinadakila ng ating bansa? Jovito Salonga Center for Law and Development at the Silliman University College of Law to pioneer and develop what the law center calls as Transformative Law — “the study and application of law to transform society, shape policies through advocacy, legal education, research, training, and service learning”.


On December 13,during the first years of the Ramos Administration, Congress manifested its policy toward the crime of plunder by declaring it to be a heinous offense punishable by life imprisonment or death if the amount involved is at least Php50 million.

That’s why in many places, there was vote-buying. But, it is the forfeiture suit that is of vital importance for the purpose of recovering the deposits in the Swiss banks. I knew this because I used to visit him at Fort Bonifacio. A month later, the Supreme Court unanimously dismissed subversion charges against him. The winner Ramos got 5.

In he essqy captured, tortured, and imprisoned for a year before his release. Salonga wrote President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to warn her that the May 14,elections could turn out to be as “violent and fraudulent” as the Marcos-era polls. Salonga have said on his essay, even if it will take time- a very long time.

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To achieve this goal, anything may be resorted to by him- including dishonesty, trickery, ruthlessness and treachery. He also composed a seminal article, published and editorialized in various papers, on the Philippines’ territorial claim to North Borneo Sabah.

jovito salonga essay

Basing on the message above of President Magsaysay, it means that we, Filipino people, should help our government in return of the services they are offering to us. Marcos during his 20 years in power should prove instructive on this point. The compromise settlements were approved by President Aquino and by the Supreme Court, in the case of Campos and salonba the Sandiganbayan, in the case of Floirendo.

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