KT Coaches learn to interact with KT process users and provide an environment to continuously improve team performance using KT process. Systematic troubleshooting approach that serves as a solid foundation for Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control, and Lean manufacturing. PSDM processes provide a framework for problem solving and decision making that can easily be integrated into standard operating procedures. Successful IT Departments organize themselves into high performing Agile and DevOps teams, with the capabilities to respond quickly and accurately to any issues. Eliminates trial-and-error behavior, waste and loss of key data. Our old approach often resulted in situations when either the problem remained or recurred later.

Using our systematic approach for managing problems, KT clients have achieved dramatic improvements, such as:. We met that objective handsomely and we now have an attitude of always looking for the underlying reasons before jumping to action. You may unsubscribe at any time. Decision Making for DevOps Teams teaches those working in an Agile and DevOps environment on how to develop unique solutions to common problems the team is facing super fast. You may unsubscribe at any time. The Kepner-Tregoe Analytic Troubleshooting workshop helps you develop skills related to finding cause and taking action. Consulting Return On Investment.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Walk away ready to immediately apply these new skills back on-the-job. Okay No Read more. Downtime eliminated at a multi-billion dollar oil and gas company. The realization that building alliances through alignment practices would culminate in joint responsibility and problem-solving practices.


All workshop attendees will receive the Kepner-Tregoe Tablet App and access to online post-workshop learning support tools coaching videos, tips, tricks, worksheets, and more with a My KT membership Certification Credits: Facilitation and Coaching are key components of many successful KT implementations.

Certiifcation completing the PSDM training you will receive a valuable certificate from Kepner-Tregoe signifying your knowledge and accomplishment. Available as a Public Session, as on-site group training at your location, or LiveOnline. I agree to Kepner-Tregoe processing my personal information regarding this request.

Plan the implementation and evaluate.

For exam details and more information, click here Training Options: Please contact us to learn more about eLearning for your organization. Ideal for service desk staff, problem managers, quality managers, analysts, technicians, subject matter experts, auditors, engineers and certificaton responsible for resolution of critical incidents and problems.

This workshop brings that wealth of experience to the classroom so you can learn and practice root cause analysis skills and make an immediate impact back on the job.

The general rule for additional programs is that existing KandF trainers, are only required to take and pass the exam for the program they wish to teach.

An month-old problem was eliminated at Tokyo Electron. fregoe

On-site sessions allow KT to tailor your training to address real issues and opportunities your company is facing. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Training Options

Through KT’s Train-the-Trainer workshopswe certify Program Leaders not just instructors to lead workshops and serve as KT problem-solving consultants who develop and implement programs treoge to drive sustainability and align your organization for success. Where do I sign up? Explore other areas that could be similarly affected by a problem. Are there any fees associated with a solvong accreditation? A structured, critical thinking approach to analyze problems, get to root cause and select the best fix or workaround to proactively avoid problems.


kepner tregoe problem solving certification

To systematically clarify and prioritize problems. NT 47, per participant, NT 40, for 3 or more fees before any applicable taxes. Understand the use of complementary approaches like 5 Whys and Fishbone Ishikawa Diagrams.

kepner tregoe problem solving certification

Explore the class schedule below to register for a Public Session workshop or contact us kepenr bring this workshop on-site to your organization.

The processes are often used to enhance operational improvement initiatives such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and others. I agree to Kepner-Tregoe processing my personal information regarding this request. Contact us to discuss bringing a KT workshop to your location.

Problem-solving for ITILĀ®

I agree proglem Kepner-Tregoe processing my personal information regarding this request. English At the end of this course you will be able to: Book a Session Register for a workshop.

kepner tregoe problem solving certification

These include credits from: CEUs are used to meet professional licensing requirements or state certification standards.

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