Al-Hasan, Ahmad Abdulwahab New issues and problems in the dirac equation and their solutions. Al-Dandan, Ghaleb Baquir Radio frequency spread spectrum for distributed control systems. Gomaa, Said Taha Khalil Finite element modelling for the bending of thick plates. Bawah, Abdullah Umar Optimal shunt compensators at nonlinear busbars. Al-Taq, Ali Abdullah Synthesis and study of corrosion inhibiting activity of several 1, dodacanediamine derivatives.

Al-Kaabi, Umar Dujain Ubaid Electron capture from hydrogenic systems by positrons and positive muons. Ahmad, Aftab Investigations on a flat, square plate at high incidence in a low speed flow. Iqbal, Asif Multistream realtime control of a distributed telerobotic system. Faizullah, Safiullah Partitioning and mapping nested loops on message-passing multiprocessors. Saleem, Muhammad Assessment of the relationship between the spilled LNAPL volume and its thickness in monitoring wells considering the water table fluctuation history.

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Al-Mohammad, Ali Hasan Yasin Optimal kfup placement in distribution systems using heuristic techniques. Ahmad, Kfuppm Chain transfer agents: Eydatoula, Yousouf Packed-bed adsorption of phenol and 2, 4 dichlorophenoxy acetic acid on the macroreticular resin XAD Naqavi, Iftekhar Zaheer Conduction and non-conduction limited laser heating process- mathematical simulation.

Sadiq, Rehan Performance evaluation of slow sand filters: Ahmed, Suhail Tertiary wastewater treatment by sedimantation and sand filtration.

Asi, Ibrahim Muhammad Axle loads and pavement performance indicators for typical highways in Eastern Province. Saad Bin Mansoor, Laser evaporative heating in relation to machining.


Ahcom, Junaid A model for benchmarking contractors project management elements in Saudi Arabia. Magaji, Umar Isa Assessment of hydrogeological parameters from thin-section study of middle cretaceous sandstones.

Ziraba, Yasin Naku Material and fracture characterization of sisal fibre concrete. Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed Ali Evaluation of the construction equipment replacement policies of construction contractors in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Abu-Zaid, Issam Taher Mohammad A finite difference approximation for a class of singular boundary value problems.

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Al-Ahmadi, Saad Muhammed Channel modeling and perforamce analysis of directive wideband Nakagami fading channels. Zainaddin, Samir Ahmad A neural network approach for load flow estimation and var allocation.

Aminuddin, Mohammad Simulation of a simulated moving bed reactor for hydrocarbon isomerization. Chaudhy, Muhammad Arshad Saeed Analysis of packed bed biofilm reactor under single and multiple substrate utilization. Abdulqader, Mohammed Rafiq Mohammed Modeling and control of stand-alone and parallel theesis diesel generators. Nadeem, Mohammad Mohsin Evolution based scheduling of precedence computations with communication costs.

Hammawa, Hassan Mixture models for dense fluids and polymers.

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Mokheimer, Esmail Mohamed Ali Heat transfer in eccentric annuli. Al-Hussain, Khaleel Ma’tuq Torsional vibrations analysis of a synchronous motor-compressor drive train.


Akhtar, Naeem Optimal locations of booster disinfection stations in Al-Khobar water distribution system. Abdulwahab, Mohammad Fouad Evaluation of consultant performance. Khan, Mehmood Optimal repeat inspection plan with several classifications. Adinoyi, Abdulkareem Bala Performance evaluation of I-Q trellis codes over frequency-selective fading channels. Habibullah, Ibrahim Omar Ali.

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Iqbal, Mohammad Hasan Influence of polymer type and structure on polymer modification of Saudi asphalt. Genetic Algorithm Game-Like Approach. Al-Qatari, Saeed Abdulwahid Automated billing system for public utilities.

Farooq Self tuning control of nonlinear systems: Al-Saadi, Saleh Nasser Envelope design for thermal comfort and reduced energy consumption in residential buildings. Abdul Ghaffar, Jalal Mohammad Concurrency in interpolation based grid files. Hasan, Syed Sajid Effect of templage damage on horizontal well performance. Hashmi, Amir Timing driven global routing for standard cell design.

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Jawaid, Syed Mohammad Ali Creep characteristics of local sands.

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