The Valedictory award may or may not be for you but one thing is for sure, you have survived high school with flying colors. Nino Parochial School SNPS has admitted the incident of stopping the speech of Mallari because it was not the “welcome remarks” originally submitted to them and may damage the reputation of the batch valedictorian. Log into your account. She also denied allegations that her family bribed the Catholic school so that she would be named class valedictorian. Humanism is wherever it can be learned. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Krisel Mallari’s graduation speech welcome remarks Though the speech was interrupted, the full text was released online with a strong statement:

She’s kinda represent Tandang Sora. Also, I did not like the word used to describe the speech Mallari attempted to deliver – “whining”. Email required Address never made public. According to our source, Krissel is the most qualified to achieve the Valedictorian position she never cheats, never seek help in her projects and gave all her time reviewing for their exams. She deserves tremendous amount of positive comments according to our informant. Notify me of new comments via email. Mallari’s viral speech earns mixed reactions from netizens The viral video quickly earns mixed reactions from social media.

But there are other needs, to be sure. As the hymn ended, left fists were raised, and the protesters chanted once more, finally as graduates, and as activists for the nation. They were epeech more mature and more educated persons in this situation. Why did her school respond to the allusions in her speech only after the Department of Education gave them a hour deadline to explain their side?

Sto. NiƱo School valedictorian says Mallari’s speech soured her achievement

I speevh not see anything wrong with her speech. Others said that they left the school because they could not see any equal treatments from teachers. Many Netizens is now supporting her and trying to bring this issue to DepEd to get her deserving place. What kind of code of silence does the school employ that Krisel felt she graduation only be heard if she speech out kristel her own high school graduation?


The video of the story posted on Youtube has been viewed more than 1, times since it was uploaded on March 21, Secretary Armin Luistro said airing the grievances during graduation does speedh give the school a chance to answer back.

kristel graduation speech

They should have just allowed her to finish and dealt with the matter after the ceremonies. Yes, we go to graduatioon to study, but people that go up the ranks to become honor students go beyond what is required. She was unable to pay her tuition for her second year, and was subsequently forced to take a leave of absence.

kristel graduation speech

Join 1, other followers Follow. She was stopped a number of times from delivering the speech but Krisel continued speecch deliver her speech until the school principal approached her.

Sa napakatalino kong kuya, Kuya Kerwin mainitin ang ulo mo, medyo mayabang ka nga siguro, at medyo tamad mag-aral; pero ang di alam ng marami, busilak ang puso mo, salamat kuya, sa pagturo sakin na manindigan pag alam kong ako ang nasa tama. Tuition is not the only problem. Magandang buhay sa lahat!

There is a proper forum for everything. This is one of the reasons behind the forum discussing the K12 Suspension on March 28, If a school cannot allow a person to speak freely her feelings then where else could she exercise such freedom?

Maraming tao ang nagbulag-bulagan sa isang sistemang marumi at kaduda-duda.


Kristel graduation speech

Sa aking ama, dad salamat, salamat kasi ni minsan ay di mo kami sinukuan, salamat kasi naniwala ka sa kakayanan ko, salamat kasi ipinaglaban mo ko kahit pa sumama ang tingin sayo ng iba, salamat kasi ikaw si Ernesto Mallari, ang haligi ng tahanan na nakukuha paring magpatawa kahit alam ko na sa loob niya ay nahihirapan na siya.

They acted as any guilty person would, and that is to stop the other person from finishing what they had to say. On their part, DepEd already launched an investigation asking the school to explain within 48 hours what really happened. She was not the only one graduatioon and pretty sure for some, she ruined the ceremony by her whining.

FULL STORY: Krisel Mallari interrupted graduation speech | Latest News | The Summit Express

Notify me of new comments via kistel. Or did she do it for herself? She also denied allegations that her family bribed the Catholic school so that she would be named class valedictorian. Tejada was a Behavioral Sciences student who entered UP Manila inand studied for one year while her parents struggled to make ends meet. UP post-Kristel You have the rest of your life ahead of you. SNPS valedictorian breaks silence: Students raised several issues and concerns of the university like agrarian reform and human rights.

Without giving it second thought, I hraduation the school and felt for the student.

kristel graduation speech

If that were the case then why are there people who strive to become more in the work place?

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