This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Or at least, it does from the front, where its chrome Lancia grille resembles a medieval shield, and from the rear, where the translucent glow of some rather gothic tail-lights give it a look like no other car on the road. From Rome to Cap Ferrat would require a stop for fuel after 5 hours. All this adds up to lashings of comfort, warmth and quality. And rear screen sunblinds but you have to fiddle them up manually.

But that was enough to discover whether it was burdened with a problem afflicting almost every Fiat Auto product of the day, which was an inability to absorb sharp, transverse ridges like motorway expansion strips without firing a creaky judder through the dashboard. If you like this article, please feel free to post a comment below. However, I am not the only user and have to compromise. Like the good butler, it is keeping its personality, its means of operation, completely hidden. Stephen Bayley wrote this a long time ago: Piggy in the middle From the side, however, the Thesis is a car of three parts, its distinctive nose and tail sandwiching one of the dullest centre sections of any executive car on the road.

Thanks for stopping by Fintan. The mysterious Lancia Thesis. On at least two of the white cars, rivulets caused by running paint are very clearly visible.

Lancia Thesis V6 Review – Driven To Write

I do hate modern interiors, that try to look upmarket with fake aluminum, fake wood, fake carbon…I prefer old Jag interiors. Concerning the design, Lancia’s chief designer said “People will be looking for excuses not to buy this car.

This page was last edited on 8 Februaryat You would think it would be far more feasible to sensitively control a wide range of ride and handling set-ups using hydraulic valves, sensors and electronics, than it would on conventionally sprung cars. Within minutes of climbing aboard a Thesis at Turin airport I had my answer — it soon hit an autostrada expansion strip, and I heard the faint plastic crack of a dashboard quivering with a tremor that the suspension had failed to suppress.


All this adds up to lashings of comfort, warmth and quality. The centre console features the display and buttons for lacnia climate control so while the driver might require 17 degrees, passengers can opt for more or fewer independently.

lancia thesis testberichte

But they just look and feel cheap, and in that way, they undermine the testbreichte I take in the car. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Both the modern Citroen and the modern Lancia seem like fuzzy interpretations of their forebears, created from a third generation template where essential details have been lost in each transcription. The car had plenty of muscle to do some asphalt ripping which is great if you really have to press on. Best go and play with one.

However, I am not the only user and have to compromise. I drive on cruise control most of the time.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The engine, though quieter than in any Alfa, is all you hear because road and wind noise have been quashed. But those beguiling tail-lights and tthesis classy Italian cabin make this a saloon that I have a mild yearning for – especially as they’re so rare.

2002 Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6 Review

Not your everyday Golf-clone hatchback. The Thesis has refinements that go unnoticed by the vast majority tetsberichte the public. I like the long wheelbase in that it affords a lot of rear leg room, something I set a high price on. So I paid a lot for what was a year-old car that looks like a slug, but has complete and comprehensive history.


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Sadly, I think I can write that idea off. Mild yearning A couple of years later I got to actually drive a Thesis, and discovered a car not much more able in the bend-bashing department.

lancia thesis testberichte

The idiosyncratic styling could be seen as a plus and they are certainly not so odd to permit one to lanccia the car is objectively bad. Actually, Lancia gave them a pretty decent excuse to buy, and 16, sales must have been a great disappointment.

For the Mondeo driver, half the refinements of labcia Thesis would have been enough, so long as the car was at least as good to drive. There was a time when Lancia could go against this with flair — no longer.

lancia thesis testberichte

The Thesis weighed from kilos for smaller engined versions to kilos, as in the 3. The seating for the driver and passengers is superb. But what if Lancia had offered a more comfortable, more pleasant alternative?

In the end, the Thesis is a means not an end in itself. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Did you find out what you wanted to tesrberichte

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