This scene creates a distant, theatrical, and even erotic atmosphere, just like a painting by Fragonard or the other Rococo painters. These letters are sufficient to ruin her reputation so she flees to the countryside, where she contracts smallpox. What are the most important and frequently used elements of Rococo literature? Since a significant part of my discourse focuses on the establishment, proof and discussion of a theoretical statement pointing out the similarities between Rococo writing style and Rococo painting style, I would like to first outline the literary aspects of the period and later on compare them to its artistic elements. He had a high appreciation for a visually successful portrayal of a specific dramatic situation. The epistolary writing style not only gives us the chance to develop an awareness of sensual intimacy, but even introduces us to a new kind of feminism. In other words, the Rococo is only one of the distinctive styles that could be found in the 18 th century.

This representation of the condition of womanhood refers to the necessity to lie on a regular basis, to play a certain role and to wear a masque in society. The beginning of the development of the Rococo style in France can be placed in the early 18 th century, approximately in the year About Privacy Policy Cookie Policy. In other words, we become aware of their endeavor to make a more profound approach to life, starting from the smallest entities, human individuals; expanding to include larger ones, like society or a country; or even striving for the ultimate ones, like religious concepts or the entire world. What are the most important and frequently used elements of Rococo literature? Having primarily concentrated on the first part of the 18 th century and having provided a descriptive and methodical discussion of the parallels of the Rococo style in literature and the visual arts, I would now like to extend my discourse and include an author of the second half of the 18 th century: National Gallery of Art.

We are amused by the comical, satirical, and provocative portrayal of certain individuals or of situations of life in general. Before he dies, he gives Danceny the letters proving Merteuil’s own involvement. Although created by a man, such characters as the Marquise de Merteuil reflect the hardships of women at that time. In the chapter pointedly called Le NezZadig almost loses his nose in order to prove to his wife how fast the ways of love can change.


This tendency can also be identified when observing the exotic, fictive, and even utopian attributes of Rococo writing style. Not only were they captured in confined spatial units, such as their homes or the convent, but also mental and emotional barriers were imposed on them, such as no right for education, or forced marriage.

Analyse du Deuxième Sexe (Simone De Beauvoir)

Oxford and New York, What are the most important and frequently used elements of Cangereuses literature? Meanwhile, Merteuil takes Danceny as her lover.

His delicate coloring, witty characterization, and spontaneous brushwork ensured that even his most erotic subjects are never vulgar, and his finest work has an irresistible verve and joyfulness. When diving into such masterpieces as Manon Lescautwe are introduced to the influences of the roman picaresque espagnol.

les liaisons dangereuses roman féministe dissertation

In a manner, Les Liaisons dangereuses is a literary counterthesis to the epistolary novel as exemplified by Richardson ‘s Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded. Consequently, the accomplices become rivals in the art of seduction and lose control. What is the Rococo? Nevertheless, this representation danereuses not entirely precise and truthful.

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Duplicity, intrigue, and treachery make the situation very complex. France during the 18 th century was a fruitful ground for the development of a variety of sophisticated styles. Now, however, I would like to clarify that it is not actually the notion of detail that was stressed in the period. In order to sum up the fundamental differences damgereuses face in the 18 th century, I would like dissergation refer to a statement by Gita May, who has outlined its major contradictions as follows: Cookies improve the user experience and help make this website better.


The concept of libertinage and their social status are among the factors that bring them together and cause them to choose a bourgeoise as their victim. Almost everyone who has written about it has noted how perfunctory are the wages of sin The era of the Rococo dangerehses about to begin. The euphoria of the artists resulting from their newly obtained freedom of expression is reflected in their work.

Style Rococo, Style des Lumières

When we look closer, we see the incessant attempt of Rococo writers and philosophers to portray and express more than just the surface of things.

Les Liaisons dangereuses French pronunciation: He states that we are dealing with separations of a different kind: Leipzig and Berlin, Nevertheless, he was a fairly influential painter whose extraordinary compositions had a vaporous, subtle, and imaginary quality, which reminds us of the fantastic atmosphere of a dream.

Like many other artists of the period, Fragonard succeeded in finding a colorful way of communicating serious matters to us with great clarity, chic, and elegance. Les Liaisons dangereuses original novel.

les liaisons dangereuses roman féministe dissertation

These intimate, passionate and feminine sentimental elements can be found in such works as the Lettres PortugaisesLa Vie de Marianneor Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. First, some words about the artist: One should be aware of the fact that the characteristics I will point out are in fact rather similar to dissertatioh attributes of Rococo writing style mentioned earlier in my discussion.

Once again, we come to the conclusion that the oriental world has left noticeable traces. Generally speaking, Europe was more open to feminine power during the Rococo period.

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