Customers need information whenever they purchase the new products. International Corporation Discussion L oreal Is. Smaller brands were taking market share, resulting in a 60 per cent increase in advertising expenditures for all brands of hair colorants. Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. Consumers tend to purchase the products if the product price is at the low price.

Dutch Market Dutch is a small but very potential market. To create a positive brand image and high brand awareness new products must have a strong concept, high market potential and great positioning with consumers. Company History The following pages will focus on analyzing the corporate situation of the L’Oreal Group, the most prominent cosmetics…. Solution Possibilities Option 1: Holland ranked fourth in per capita income in the EU, but sixth in per capita spending on cosmetics and toiletries. Want to get a price estimate for your Essay?

loreal nederland bv case study

They always have a backup plan for what they are going to do in the future, if something bad happens. Solution Possibilities Option 1: The study goes on to provide some information relating.

The fastest growing category of skin care products was anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams. Therefore, supplier assignment and integration into the L’Oreal community are based on the key values: Go with the flow.

Innovation has kept L’Oreal’s market position in front of its competitors, and. As there were more and more women working outside home, home colouring would increase since it is more convenient. At the same time private labels entry is a viable threat as they can copy competition fairly quickly. On a scale of 1 to 7, panelists gave Synergie marks of 4 and 5 on the question of buying intent. Market and advertising Expand the market by making it into an open market, which means all the products are available to all different markets.


Cosmetic consumers research products to become familiar with the items that they want to buy, therefore, both product packaging and advertising of the new product lines needs to be informative, to ensure the cosmetic consumer understand that the Garnier brand will fulfill their wants and needs.

Dutch women were highly loyal to their existing brand. Marketing Plan Situation analysis The dining nederlanx will be opened in Melbourne, one of the largest cities in Australia, with an urban population open to a high life style and…. They also need to be prepared to spend a lot of money upfront on advertising in order to gain market share.

Convince customers to switch their brands into something else is hard. It did not want to gain distribution with excessive reliance on trade deals or high than normal retail gross margins. Accessed May 22, Identification of Alternative Solutions Introduce the Synergie line of skin care products Synergie was a new line of natural-ingredient facial skin care products including moisturizing cream, anti-aging day cream, anti-wrinkle cream, cleansing milk, mask, and cleansing gel.

As a result, Guhl become aggressive in its marketing through large independents.

L’oreal Case Study&nbspCase Study

dase Lastly, one of the most significant problems with the introduction of the Synergie line comes back to the product. In any case, how should the marketing program be structured? Also at the same time introduce not just one, but two brand name product lines. It is critical that the Garnier product line launch is successful so that they can build a positive brand image, create consumer value and ensure future success of its products in the Netherlands.


Dutch consumers will continue to purchase products that they know, use and trust, because they have had positive outcomes after product usage.

loreal nederland bv case study

Customers need information whenever they purchase the new products. Click here and use discount code Save By launching both product lines, Dutch consumers would become even more familiar with the Garnier brand name and potentially be more willing to try the product.

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Some negative evaluation of Belle Corleur was due to the fact that Dutch woman tended towards naturally lighter hair colour, and the French towards darker shades. There is a lot of potential in this market, but there are strong competitors. Holland ranked fourth in per capita income in the EU, but sixth in per capita spending on cosmetics and toiletries. Synergie products are expensive and they only being sold through personal service perfumeries custom sale.

Threats Dutch per capita cae on personal care products was only 60 per cent of the amount spent in France or Germany. Towards competitions In the global markets, it is impossible for other competitors not copy other products.

There were numerous competitors in the market, including existing L’Oreal products.

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