Nostalgia in its most common form The importance that 19th-century Americans attached to homesickness reminds us how powerful this emotion can be. Homesickness and the Press Doctors asked the recently married recruit about his strange behaviour. On some level, Heidi maintains the same characteristic resilience and irrepressible, happy-go-lucky spirit that other young, female orphans like Pollyanna, Orphan Annie, and Anne of Green Gables seem to personify. In keeping with the semantic ambivalence of nostalgia as homesickness, the spatial, geographic longing for place is displaced onto a more traditional temporal yearning for a lost or absent loved one. The term nostalgia was created in a dissertation by Johannes Hofer, a Swiss medical student at the University of Basel.

Please confirm rates and details directly with the companies in question. Small, a commissioned officer in the 16th Maine Volunteers, was captured by Confederate forces in August and spent several months as a prisoner of war. Though frequently fatal, nostalgia was treatable. Swiss doctor Johannes Hofer in his medical dissertation in Available editions United States. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

Nostalgia adalah sebuah medial untuk masa lalu, Given limited scientific understanding, this was perhaps understandable given there were no experts during the Civil War era that specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

Dying to go home

So, for the next years, soldiers both Swiss and otherwise who succumbed to nostalgia, were sent home. Origins and Ends of an Unenlightened Disease, Chicago Once these familiar initial symptoms take hold, Hofer explains, the stage is set for more serious pathological conditions which could even result in death.

The illness became known by various other names, often paying tribute to its Swiss roots: Remember me on this computer. Understandably, as the belief in homesickness as an organic disease fell by the wayside, the enlightened thinkers of the Romantic Movement picked it up again.


Swiss doctor Johannes Hofer in his medical dissertation in The Temporalities of Habsburg Nostalgia.

medical dissertation on nostalgia hofer

In 17th-century Switzerland nostalgja was certainly possible. She too recovered as soon as her parents brought her home. The term nostalgia was created in a dissertation by Johannes Hofer, a Swiss medical student at the University of Basel.

medical dissertation on nostalgia hofer

Understanding in anatomy, biology and pathology exploded, leaving flimsy notions like nostalgia out in the cold. As she arrives on the alp, her first act is to peel away dissertattion many layers of clothing she is wearing: Like homesickness or nostalgia, hysteria blurs the lines between physical and psychological illness. Homesickness and the Press Although Heidi experiences Heimat as a geographically specific location in the Swiss Alps, it functions as a cluster of associations that allows Heidi to express her latent familial longing.

In the eighteenth century, Blickle notes, the word Heimat, following its Russian counterpart, rodina, becomes encoded as feminine and associated with the mother figure.

(PDF) “Between Hysteria and ‘Heimweh’: Heidi’s Homesickness” | Annie Pfeifer –

Unfortunately, no statistics are available for Confederate soldiers stricken with homesickness. Before long, other doctors were looking to nostalgia as an explanation for a variety of diseases of unknown origin, as well as the reason behind all manner of spontaneous recoveries. Nostalgia, once regarded as a condition of homesickness, was widespread during the American Civil War. Nostalgia in its most common form Between her relocation to Frankfurt and eventual return home to the alp, her repeated acts of acquiring and shedding clothes become an index of her feelings of belonging or alienation.


Wartime letters and diaries, as well as post-war memoirs and reminiscences, reveal much about the emotional sensitivity of Civil War fighting men towards their homes. An Infantile Neurosis and Other Works, pp.

It is no coincidence that extensive debate on the subject of homesickness in America was articulated at this time. Nostalgia and the Construction of an Australian Dreaming A 19th Century Mental Disorder?

johannes hofer medical dissertation on nostalgia

Logically, the medicalisation also implied that its diagnosis nostalhia treatment was now within nostaogia purview of physicians and medical professionals. Johannes Hofer introduced the term He was sent home to die, but, amazingly, grew stronger the further he put Basel behind him. If homesickness today is dismissed as a sign of immaturity, we would do well to remember that for earlier generations the significance of home ties offered an important lesson.

Can being far from family and friends make a person physically sick?

medical dissertation on nostalgia hofer

She experiences a curious absence of any feelings of loss or sadness upon parting from Aunt Dete, her appointed guardian after the death of her parents. The term nostalgia was first proposed in by Johannes Hofer as equivalent to the German This was an appealing concept that may hark back to Adam and Eve, who were never quite the same after their exile from Eden.

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