While the music is playing, the audience must simply pass around the four gift boxes. The team must then act out its new function. The pageant spoofed the Miss Universe pageant in which Steve Harvey returned to host the event after his notable error in Miss Universe The segment requires participants to have extraordinary skills to be included in the game, such as breaking hollow blocks with hands, eating fire, and stopping an electric fan with the tongue. Beat the Champion to introduce a new batch of contestants who must beat the week’s current champion. The Ultimate Battle is a special segment for the show’s 38th anniversary wherein selected hosts would have a dance battle featuring the dance contests, hits, and crazes that were popularized by Eat Bulaga!

The contestant who gets the highest score from the Brick Game will be the winner. The segment particularly parodies the Miss World pageant to celebrate the victory of Megan Young as the first representative from the Philippines to win the title of Miss World. Lola’s Playlist is a subsegment of Kalyeserye. Three of those hands hide three coins. In the original format, contestants press a buzzer to answer the hosts’ simple question. EB Heroes honors the civil accomplishments of several Filipinos who have been helping the underprivileged from far-flung faces. Birit Baby is a singing competition for children who are between the ages 8 and

Group of dancers perform to the popular s music genre of new waveincluding the song junr Jump for My Love ” by The Pointer Sisters.

Dabarkads in Concert is a special segment that appears during a special occasion, such as birthdays and anniversary celebrations.

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Groups of 8 to 10 people form a musical ensemble to compete by making unique sounds using parts of their body. The jackpot round has the same format as the former segment Hi-Lo Todo Panalo. The dance contest features the popular music video game Dance Dance Revolution produced bulagaa Konami.


The contest serves as a promotional segment for AlDub ‘s first primetime television series, Destined to be Yours. Lola Dear is a contest prob,em Eat Bulaga!

Solve for X

It is a raffle promo sponsored by the local seasoning brand Aji-Ginisa by Ajinomoto. The segment is scripted and the outcome of the competition is previously arranged.

If they correctly guess the words, they win the maximum cash prize.

For each round, a representative from one team is pitted against a representative from the other team. Each pair must incorporate their own style to their performance, and may choose to include a celebrity guest and a well-known dance group in their production.

The contestant probleem will guess a price that is very close to the exact total price of the grocery items, if not the exact total price itself, is the winner. The popularity of Eat Bulaga! He’s So Kaka is a beauty contest for men who are handsome and talented.


16 People Who Are Pretty Darn Good At Problem Solving

Weeks before the segment began, the hosts asked viewers to register through text or through Eat Bulaga! How much the cash prize will be given problemm the participants will depend on the segment’s financiers. One member must pop one balloon each to get the paper and make a mouth gesture of the word that was written on the paper to his or her teammate without releasing a voice, and the other member must guess what his or her teammate is bulaba to say.

The segment is sponsored eaf the local telecommunications company Globe Telecom. After the Kalyeserye phenomenon, the portion is alternatively held on the Broadway Centrum instead in the barangay for security reasons, usually on Saturdays or special occasions.

It is a contest for singers who must sing the song Bluer Than Blue which is covered by Regine Velasquezand originally sang by Michael Johnson. The guesser must guess each word based on the verbal cues that the clue-giver provides.


Solve for X – video dailymotion

On the Spot Jackpot is a game segment in which a pool of contestants stand on a numbered spot on a raised grid. For the first round, the contestants must showcase their talents.

The sponsorship of Pilipinas Shell, however, was not obtained and the portion was renamed Lutuan sa Eat Bulaga! The segment is presented by Patricia Tumulak. Any individual who wants to pronlem their concerns or problems about love and seek for an advice can share their stories through sending an email to Eat Bulaga!

problem solving eat bulaga june 10 2015

There are two editions: Bulagaan is a veteran segment of Eat Bulaga! Kiddie Ballroom is a dance competition for child pairs who can ballroom dance. Kilometrico Quiz Bulata is a quiz show segment that was sponsored by the ballpen brand Kilometrico.

This incident just proved once again how homosexuality is far more clean than Eat Bulaga and its hosts’ opinions will ever be. The new loveteam, popularly known as AlDubtripled the show’s normal AGB Nielsen Mega Manila and nationwide television ratings, and AlDub became the top daily trending topic problsm Twitter in the Philippines and even worldwide.

Next, the player chooses one box among a group of three. Since the segment was problfm at the beginning of the Filipino Christmas seasonthe lyrics of the rap songs must be Christmas-related.

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