It is new shifting for quality assurance for social work education and practice in Indonesia. In the s, social work education started in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka in response to an increased and urgent need to develop human resources, coupled with reports and recommendations from the United Nation and other international organizations. At Pondok Pesantren Suryalaya, the addicted persons are placed in a special center for rehabilitation process before being allowed to follow the formal class at the institution Nasution, Indigenization in Social Work Practice Ever since social work practice were exported into Indonesia at the end of the s, their relevance and appropriateness to Indonesian development contexts has been questioned and debated. While considered as a universal profession, social work practice cannot be separated from the ideological, political, cultural, and social contexts of particularly society Ferguson, Although there are some field settings in large cities but field settings are quite inadequate in small towns.

Here, the practice of social work was indigenized, having the cultural norms coordinated with the application of theoretical social work knowledge. But the field practicum of social work education in Bangladesh has been encountering various problems since its inception. To carry out the social welfare functions, the social welfare officers mostly British in this period required appropriate training and qualifications. Mair described that during the colonial era, community works were implemented through various organizations like village councils, community associations and co-operative societies. The Colonial Office at that time not only concentrated on the welfare of migrants but also focused on some aspects of social development of the indigenous community.

I am very fond of truth, but not at all of martyrdom. Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics Class and Teaching materials At undergraduate level, the teaching for social work students is usually done at a large class 30 to 75 students. Abu Samajik Gobeshana Porichiti Dhaka: FGDs were organized with faculty members of Dhaka University and Jagannath University that help the researchers to have narrative and in-depth information.

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Social work graduates know how to deal with different categories of people with indigenous theory and local knowledge. Even the syllabi are not tested in the field.


Therefore, there is a need to produce efficient and skilled social workers through indigenization of social work education and practice to combat local problems. Morales, Armando and Sheafor, Breadford, W. Most lecturers also keep trying to contextualize teaching thesia to suit the Indonesian context.

The services include micro-credit, human development training, conscientization and advocacy to improve the life situation of the poor and the disadvantaged segment of the population of the country Samad, But it is quite insufficient to understand the pros and cons of the whole process of field practicum as well as to understand the mission, vision and services of various agency settings.

Internationalization of Social Work Education in Asia.

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No definitive time limit is set for Lembaga Akreditasi Mandiri to start operating. Social work education in university under ministry of education, college under ministry of social affair, and university under ministry of religion have different education program label, but content is similar in curriculum, field work, teaching material and other component.

Besides, thesjs an essential aspect of qualitative method some verbatim quotations have also been presented. Thus problem solving process of social work should be innovated on the basis of the cultural pattern of local situation consisting of social, economic, political and religious aspects of people living in Bangladesh Samad and Das, Limitations of rexdymade Study Non-accredited program will be revoked and the students will be transferred to registered institutions.

Teaching materials, reference books, and fieldwork models philippies the United States still need to be refined and transformed into indigenous social work education for Indonesia Fahrudin, But it is all about indigenization of social work education, not indigenous social work in true sense.

The information and data gathered from husband and family will be used as the basis to make decision. In addition, discussion and question methods are followed in classroom teaching to make the students tuesis more.

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P2TP2A provides services for the women and children who are the victims of violence including trafficking, domestic philippiines, and public violence http: In the world, while most of its traffic comes. It is concerned with re-contextualization of the selective appropriation and tweaking of the Western social work discourse on values, theories and practices to frame a new local social work discourse Yan and Cheung, It was started with an introductory course in social work of three months.


Most of the senior students feel that social work education in Bangladesh is still considerably influenced by American social work model and therefore does not fully fit or effectively applicable in our situation.

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Objectives of the Study Moreover, textbooks, published and unpublished research reports, journals and various records and documents of the relevant on social work education and practice including field practicum manuals have also been consulted in this philoppines. In order to remove the limitation and to create greater impetus to indigenization of social work education and practice, syllabi should be tested at field levels and steps to be taken for accreditation of Social Philippinew Programs in the country.

Therefore, mediation and reconciliation becomes the main approach in dealing with the case of domestic abuse. It is noteworthy that several efforts have so far been made by social work educators teaching in different universities to bring about modifications and reforms even in some cases incorporation of new courses into the curriculum of social work, aiming to make social work education reqdymade relevant and so called standardized.

Such shift may bring positive results to all, but it may require some forms of adjustment and reconstruction of social milieu.

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The Inabah rehabilitation center applied Islamic and psychosocial approach approach through repentance and worship activities such as remembrance and prayer following Qadiriyah Naqshabandiyah Sufism method to those suffer from drugs addiction. Justin Francis Leon Nicolas.

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