Newbie, if you decide to apply to SJSU, you should get started soon since you have to obtain letter’s of recommendation and etc. If you and 10 other people had similar stats but your application told a telling story, I’d send you an admission letter to my school. Good luck to you! I haven’t heard back. How long has the recommender known you, and in what capacity? Seabiscuit in Austin, Texas.

Newbie in Canyon Country, California said: If anyone has questions about the GRE send me an email at adrenaliholic gmail. If you turned it in on October 25th If my status is not changed by Friday, I’m going to assume I got waitlisted, because that’s what happened to students last year whose status’ didn’t change People heard back around Nov last year so I am getting nervous about their decision because they are taking long this year.

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Appeal decisions are final and non-negotiable. Good luck on your applications!!! Much awaited SJSU thread – sundarravikumar – I’m waiting for a professor to write me a letter stating that I have cadaver experience and then I will submit my application.

sjsu thesis information packet

I’d say these schools in AZ are a bit less incormation than schools in CA ie. Someone mentioned that if you have thesis writing course, grade in your TOR for thesis would satisfy the requirement. Have you heard anything yet and if not, when did you turn your application in? Smaller programs are better suited for me. Newbie in Canyon Country, California 79 months ago. Seabiscuit– one more thing, what date did you gt your acceptance letter and was it by snail mail or internet notification?


sjsu thesis information packet

These next few days are probably going to be the longest in my informationn Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant to jobs and company search.

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I have that ready to be dispatched to your University. To try to aim for the school’s ACT requirement of 23 and above, you should try to take the ACT as many times as you can.

Now, take the next steps toward enrolling. This guide was written by Harvard graduates and SAT perfect scorers. Hopefully the letters come soon!

So the combination will be. Much awaited SJSU thread – hinalsinghi – Thanks for the padket on the GRE score: I also tried 2 hospitals after that so that I would have experience in more than one location. Forums are open to the public.

Sjsu Admission Essay

The advisors on the student’s graduate committee should be consulted about these corrections. I really hope I get in However, we cannot guarantee a response by deadlines you may have at other colleges where you have applied.


Just wondering what the stats are for thesie previous years. I just scrolled up to read some of the posts.

Look at how the OT rated you on other things. I did not find them anywhere mentioning about this even checked the Theeis I have another question on the Post-Secondary Education Document Requirements mentioned for Indian applicants at this page – http: If anyone has questions about the GRE send me an email at adrenaliholic gmail. Letters must be on university or company stationery and informatkon in university or company envelopes.

The thesis will be read and returned to the student with an assessment by the staff from College of Graduate Studies as accepted without corrections, provisionally accepted with corrections, or not accepted.

Undergraduate courses may informafion count toward the 33 units of required graduate course work. And I checked, my transcripts are on the University letterhead.

Occupational therapy master’s program. The deadlines are firm, and exceptions are extremely rare. When did you apply seabiscuit?

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