At best I would use one Word doc per chapter. I never used the master documents feature because I was warned about it, but it still happened. Most major citation styles have a format for annotated bibliographies. Two years into my PhD, I find myself swamped with variously paper and electronic versions of many different resource types. The bottom line is that either corporation is causing untold grief and millions in downtime. I never liked any of them.

Each one is an experiment and the users are the proverbial guinea pigs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This site has a lot of very useful stuff on it. Hi Gabriel, sorry to hear you had a bad experience. The wish list read:.

So what did the magic? He contacted us offering to share his experiences of a referencing management system called Zotero. Always care for it up! I back up to the cloud. No need to grunt, groan, and force the mower about the yard. Plus I relied heavily on zotero to auto-format my citations.

Endnote vs …. well, everything else | The Thesis Whisperer

So now I am left with the consequence of my decision not to use end note and will need to manually change the reference styles for my papers whisperet match the journal. Hi Gabriel, sorry to hear you had a bad zotrro.

My understanding is that Mendeley is both a reference citation and document manager all in one? When installing Zotero, you will be prompted to install a Word or LibreOffice extension. I think you will like it too.


thesis whisperer zotero

As easy as this is, it is not always error-free, so it is good practice to double-check the information collected by Zotero while the book or article is still up on the screen. Adobe FrameMaker, the unstructured version, was excellent four or five years ago, and does have a learning curve, but will never, ever bite you. Email required Address never made public.

We worked pretty hard to make sure that all the fields end up in the right places along with attachments. I love Sente too. It enables you to capture references from web pages.

Their website snapshots by the way are the whole page, not just the bit you can see as with a screenshot. Alternatively, you can run your EndNote library from an external harddrive making sure you have a backup somewhere just in case and move your library from computer to computer that way.

thesis whisperer zotero

To me, the only problem with Endnote is that it does not run on linux. I use this to watch my downloads folder and copy any pdf file to my papers automatic import directory so they are processed and imported the next time i open papers.

Easy and you can access your ref anywhere through the internet. You will see a customizable chronological display of the items in the library. I made a somewhat similar comment when this post was new and has since then been puzzled over the many commenters I am tempted to use another word… who thesls on using inferior and error prone tools with low flexibility and, often, a hefty price tag.


No, neither for whiperer previous version, tried that, too.

Just before I handed in my thesis two things happened, which, up to then I had thought were PhD student urban myths: But now I have time I want to investigate Papers2, which my partner is very happy with. There is no plug in for Word, but you can export citations into other software.

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I have the iPad app so I read my articles on my iPad which is automagically synched into my laptop and lab computerand I can have all my notes and all of my references on the go e. This has made Dropbox behave better with the rest of my stuff. I use EndNote, I never tried anything else really.

thesis whisperer zotero

Hi Inger, Trying to help some friends to decide on their best choice for reference management I made this chart: EndNote is great but too expensive! You can reach Michael at mlines uvic. I woke up the next morning to find that many kindly souls had posted new references to it — instant literature searching! Might have to check it out!

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